=) um this is my first journal entry.
Today I will be describing how I feel about the recent death of MJ.
Me im personally not a fan of him, but him dead really saddens me . He has children, family and fans. They all love him so much with all their heart, a undescribeble level of love so strong. One day he would eventually give up on life but it just happened to be right now..........At his funeral when Paris said goodbye to him on stage, I wanted to break into tears. eek But I couldnt cuz my mom was in the room 0_0............XD
Did he ever go to school? I really dont know. He said he never had a childhood. That probably had to do with him being famous at a young age.
A guy said on a interview that he knew jackson wanted to die.
Is that true? I dont know.
I wonder what it is like in heaven to actually be there....