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welcome to my thoughts of depression
my life sucks .you dont care but i dont blame you.these are my thoughts, sorry to disapoint you you "cheery happy" people
*picks up sharp object and points at wrist*why cant my damn life be over?! im sick of it poeple yell at me others just get mad im sick of it GOD my life sucks no one should have read this and no one will probabuly so im writing this here . my mom acts like she cares but i know she doesnt i want to be happy but its so hard i want that pill now cuz if what they say is true then i can possibuly be happy for more than a day i used to cry every day but now its not as bad cuz im trying to grow up but i know i cant and i kinda dont wanta but hey if i never grow up no one will care will they? im sure they wouldnt notice cuz once we grow up we are gonna all move away from each other and that will change my life i know it will and i dont want to lose anyone i dont know anymore for the past couple days i've felt nothing but hollowness i dont understand it but it makes me sad inside cuz i have to fake im all right but now i guess im done sorry for boring you with this journal bye

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commentCommented on: Sat Jul 04, 2009 @ 05:21pm
dani i love u and that will never change! i know ur mom is just a dush bag and everything but never even think of suicide! i know its really hard and i do know how u feel! at least u have ur kick a** dad! i love u and i know ur going through hard times but never give up! I LOVE U!

commentCommented on: Wed Jul 29, 2009 @ 09:33am
Dani I completely know what your saying & I'm not going to get on you about your thoughts of suicide cuz i know you know & prolly everyone in RMS knows.... *grumbles* I've been there. I still am to be honest. But Dani just think... think about how someday you'll get through it.. && you can look back & smile at how much you've lived through at how much you've grown up at how truly amazing you always have & will be. Dani you're loved by many =] & hated by few... who by the way no one cares about because they're duches. I'm always here for you, for anything just message me smile I'm ready to help you any way I can. Remember your friends who love you, ******** everyone else they can go ******** themselves... but then again haters are like your biggest fans... just think about it.....if they hate you they're jealous && not to mention they're always thinking about you. & no matter what, I always care. People will leave but then again "The ones who love us never really leave us.". & "best friends never really say good bye." && you will gain many friends in the years you walk this earth... & when people move they make room for those people to move in... not replace just fit. & everything you go through from day to day makes you who you are... which in the end will be an absolutely amazing woman =]] who I'll be proud to say I had the pleasure to know. you are amazing now just think years from now how much could be added to that. You're not alone in that feeling, I feel it constantly but I figure in time it won't necessarily be healed just less noticeable. Nothing you have to say is a bore to me... every word means that you care enough about me to tell me how it is & I appreciate that immensely. I love you, don't forget that && keep you head held high because you deserve to.

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