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nekoanime's anime haven...(not rly)
Bwuahahahaa! the monkeys have been let loose from the barn and are coming to eat yo brains!!! but first, CAKE. :3
OC bio!
This is my main OC couple I made tekteks of them just in case : P
and if u drew em, i'd b reeeeeeeaaaaaally happy :3

*Note* Outfits really don't matter that much 3nodding and for the alter forms.as long as she looks. . .angel-ey and he looks devil-ey s'all good ;D
tektek versions (As close as I could get em xD):
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Matt's Pre-incarnation Archeon:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Hayley's Pre-incarnation Shanna
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Extra stuff:
-His wings are higher up, more to the shoulders and their really big
Here is a basic ref. to color, size and shape.
-The pre-incarnation has a thick cloth white and aqua sash hanging loosely on his waist.
Clothing Ref.
-the neck thing is actually a scarf and its really long and flowy.
-Archeon has a scar through his left eye if he isn't wearing the eyepatch.

-Shanna has really small fuzzy-feathered angel wings.
-both versions of her have a necklace with a golden key on it.
-Shanna has a mark on her back, right below her actual wings, of black wings with a splice through them given to her when she became a fallen angel.
Ref. of Shannas tattoo and clothing Note* This picture doesnt have the flowing fabric in the tektek, but she does have intense amounts of fabric, i just didn't draw it in xP

The guy---name: Matt
--- likes: joking around, matches and lighters, Twizzlers, Chemistry, eggs especially omelets, graveyards, the colors aqua & white, tigers.
---Doesnt like: Jerks messing with girls, cooked veggies, English, old people (they creep him out), poofy coats.
---Isn't very serious, except if someone is trying to mess with a girl, then he starts trying to play hero. He's known as the class clown at school. He's one of those guys who seems to be friends with everyone. A few of the teachers don't like him though. When Hayley sees him at school, she thinks he is probably an idiot who only thinks about flirting with girls and is totally ignorant. He isn't actually that way, he just usually always knows what to say to which person to keep them content.
---He's 6' 2''
---Sort of pale.
---He's got crimson colored eyes
---and smoke black hair(short).
---Is 17 years old (currently)

The girl---name: Hayley
---likes: Being with friends, English, poetry, writing, photography, seafood, the color red, cute/fuzzy animals.
---dislikes: Shallow people, cliques, having her eyes covered/not being able to see, slugs.
---She acts sort of like a prep but she's not an airhead. She's not as into guys as many girls her age normally are. Hayley is quite smart and is able to balance a good social life while maintaining high grades. Everyone spells her name as "Haley" and it annoys her sometimes how often it's written wrong. She has mild OCD, and collects photos of all sorts of things. She wears a key on a necklace at all times, it was an heirloom she found in a box of junk in her attic.
---has blue eyes
---long blonde hair down to her waist
---She's 5' 5''
---Average caucasin skin color.
---Is also 17 years old (currently)

Archeon and Shanna act extremely similar to Matt and Hayley, but are in the feudal era. Shanna is also more maticulous and obsessive. She notices extremely small details often looked over or dismissed. Shanna is a fallen angel, while Archeon is a demon. Archeon tends to brag too much and ends up getting himself into situations where Shanna has to save him. Archeon is a notorious demon given the nickname "Crimson Death" because when he comes into villages he kills anything living, and supposedly all the victim has a chance to see are Archeon's glowing crimson eyes before they are torn to pieces. Shanna knew of the Crimson Death, but didn't know it was Archeon. Her duty is to protect humans from murderous demons such as Archeon in order to regain her status as a true angel.
The two are in love.

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Ectoplasmic Gizmo
Community Member

Wed Jul 15, 2009 @ 04:20pm

If you PM me, I may be able to do something with these two..

I'd love to be able to say I don't bite, but...
Quote me for better chance of a reply.

I draw art. PM me for details.
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