“Um, are you alright miss.?” Daisuke said, coming in back of her slowly. “Hey, aren’t you from the high school?”

Hiroko almost forgot but she did manage to put her uniform on by using the last bit of her power. Teleportation. Powers like these ones could be very useful but she doesn’t use it unless she was incapable of moving so much from one place to another to being immobilized.

She was officially immobilized now.

“Yes…” Hiroko said with her faint voice; barely above a whisper. Daisuke got closer to her, having intentions of helping her up. She felt him get closer and so she looked at him, slowly lifting up her head to his face. Daisuke held his breath and not because he noticed it was Hiroko. Her face was pale but her cheeks were red.

What was more surprising or stunning about seeing her face were her eyes. The color and even the irises were changing. Her eyes' color kept changing from dark blue to a bloody red and back to her natural honey brown eyes. Her irises were sharp cat-like for one moment and back to normal.

“A-are you alright?” Daisuke managed to say. From the foot of the stairs, now, there was someone looking at the two with a devilish smile.

With Dark

Neither of the two wanted to fall back. The Nemean Lion kept charging at Dark and, despite the fact that he can dodge the attacks, he was still getting scratched pretty good. He hadn’t put his wings away but tried to make it a fair fight by not going up in the air so much. No matter what strategy he chose, Dark was still being charged a frontal assault every moment!

“Heh. Not bad for a kitten.” Dark joked, succeeding in puncturing the lion’s pelt. Dark then flew up in the sky and landed back on the roof, away from the lion as he was about to strike at him.

“A half human like yourself shouldn’t even be so lucid while you should remember you are cursed!” The lion said, running towards Dark and then almost pouncing on him. Dark raised his sword and pierced the lion again, this time on its back. He roared and slashed Dark’s torso. He screamed as he felt the claws go through him and pushed himself into the air. Dark winced as the Nemean lion looked up, clearly not feeling any pain from its own wounds.

“Is that all? Should you gallantly accept your head to be cut off for my master?”

Dark looked at the lion and smirked at him. I know this guy’s history. I know how I can kill him if I wanted to repeat what Hercules did but I have a better way of killing this guy off. Being half angel is not that bad either.

“I suggest your head should be cut off before your so called master comes up here and does it.” Dark said as he started to fly around the lion in rapid speed. He pierced the Namean lion again and again, avoiding the counterattacks it gave out. Finally, Dark flew up and landed on top of the exit, staggering a bit. He felt his torso searing with pain, the blood had been dripping all over the place.

“What do…you think you’re doing you miserable creature.” The lion managed to say as he tried to slowly change his position to face Dark. He hadn’t experienced so many injuries before but he was still strong on his four legs. Dark was making a hand sign now. Putting only his index finger with his middle one in front of his bleeding torso, he put the same way with the other hand but under the two fingers. (This is like Naruto's handsigns, now that I think about it but this was in a DNANGEL episode). He closed his eyes and let his black wings expand.

“R.I.P.” was all Dark said as he let his feathers disperse and go all over the roof. Then he let his left hand go in front of him.

“Fanairi.‎ Kieredo. Kaptara.”

In an instant, the roof was set to a blaze of blue fire. The Nemean Lion’s roars drowned in the fire that had soon dispersed.

With Daisuke & Hiroko

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the infamous reincarnation of Aries and Selene. It’s a pleasure to meet your spirits young producer.” Krad said and elegantly bowed.

Daisuke and Hiroko looked at him. Daisuke still had no idea what was going on but had a faint idea on who was the bad guy and who was the good guy. Still…he quesetioned himself based on what he knew and what was going on.

“Krad-san? What are you doing here? And why are you wearing that white suit?” Daisuke asked.

“Oh, pardon me, young Niwa but my attention is to this lady right here. I’m sure we could talk sometime later.” Krad said, having a twinkle in his eyes that Daisuke did not like at all.

His aura was ominous, a mystery that would rather push anyone away instead of interesting one. Hiroko tried to get up but almost slipped from the staircase. Daisuke held her, her left hand on own left hand and having his other hand support her back. In her conscious, there was a debate that she thought it was herself but instead…it was something she feared.

Disusting…This angel is disgusting. We should get rid of him now. evil

But our body won’t sustain the pressure of our spells. We should try to negotiate. sad

I will be the one to talk to that scumbag! evil

No! sad

“You disgusting creep. Do you think that just by killing me, this girl, will make you worthy of a peaceful death! Not even! I will not spear you such mercy.” Hiroko said, her head hung down again, and her speech pattern was of that in greek tongue. evil

She spoke as if she was a strong, broad person. She had her right hand gripping the railing, her fingers turned white.

Daisuke gawked at her, trying to figure out what was now happening to her. Hiroko then shook her head.

“No…no,” she managed to say then she lifted her head and looked at Daisuke.

“You must leave me. I can take care of myself.”


“Please. I’m fine. See?” Hiroko slowly got up, letting her will be her remaining motive to move. She was still speaking as if she was foreign.

“Please, go to where Dark-san is. He needs you more than I do.” Hiroko said, bringing up a faint smile. Her eyes were now intact. In that same demon like eyes.

“I think you do need him, more than you know you do. A young girl such as yourself shouldn’t bottle up those feelings, right?” Krad said, inturrupting the two. Hiroko looked at him with anger all of the sudden.

“You shut your trap!” evil

“Oh? Are you afraid of the truth? Or is it that your also afraid this boy might know how you feel?” Krad said, enjoying the terror that appeared on her face. Daisuke followed his gaze to Hiroko’s.

“Hiroko-sempai..?” Daisuke questioned. Her eyes were fixed on Krad, though.

And that’s when “Pandora’s box” opened.

With Dark

He sat ontop of the exit door on the roof top. Below him was blood stains, but only on the black fethers that were laying around.

“’Peace be to that of the cursed’… I what he would say right after he exterminated a creature from Greek mythology...” Dark whispered.

He was hanging his head a minute ago but looked up at the sky now, with sad, distant eyes.


His cellphone rang and Dark picked it up lazily.


“I got new clothes for you. You seem to be pretty beat.” Hitomi said on the other line. It almost startled Dark but he accepted her offer, “Thanks but could you hold those clothes for a bit? I have some more business to attend to.”

She reluctantly agreed and Dark hanged up the phone. He stood up and looked at himself. His shirt was pretty ripped up as well as his pant but his chest looked even worse with the blood. Thankfully, it wasn’t as deep of an injury so he could heal fast thanks to his half angel blood. Still…

“Man, I’m a total mess. Oh well, this will have to wait for later.” Dark said as he got off the exit. As soon as he did, Krad arose from the roof up by a red light. He was carrying Hiroko like she was weightless on his right arm and Daisuke over his left sholder. They were both unconscious. Dark looked at him, completely off guard so he looked at them with questionable surprise.

“Wh-what have you done to them?” Dark harshly whispered.

“Take a hint.” Krad said, “I’ve just disbanded what you love the most.”


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