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Okay soo i wanted to do a Fan-Fic about Tokyo Mew Mew ^3^ ,
It's a Ichigo x Ryou one the title is :

"True Love"

Ichigo was asleep in her room as she heard a bird chirping outside her window, the Red headed girl opened her eye's slowly "nn....." She said rubbing her tired eye's.
Ichigo got out of her bed slowly
"What happend last night?"She asked herself, she started to hear foot step's coming tword's her room
"HONEY!"Her mother yelled falling onto Ichigo's lap then she started to cry
"You were so lucky yesterday!"Her mother said crying
"What nya~!?"Ichigo asked her mother.

Meanwhile at the Hospital Ryou was hooked up to a machine, he was reading the New's paper
"Oh hello Mr.Shigrone"A nurse similed
"Oh hello"He said with one of his charming smile's as he folded the paper to a front page and it said " Man Shot While Protecting Girl!"

In the midst(sp?) of the word's there was a part when the girl talked to the journalist
"He was very kind to do what he did.....He must really love me"She said while tear's were in her eye's, Ryou gasped
*Flash back!*

"GIMME THE MONEY!"A man yelled with a mask on holding a gun in one hand in a duffle bag in the other, the girl at the counter trembled in fear should i give him the money? She asked herself slowly opening the cash register
"NOW DAMMIT!"The man whiped the gun in the air
"S-Sir it's slow..."She said trying to open it, a Man walked out of a backroom
"Here's the key"He said throwing it into the air and catching it
"R...Ryou......?"She asked the Man with platinum blonde hair
"Yes Ichigo"He smiled as he walked tword's the Gun man
"STAY BACK!"He whiped the gun tword's Ryou
"NO!!!!!!!"Ichigo started to cry
"Please stop!"She cried falling to the ground
"GET CHUR a** UP AND GET THE MONEY OR I'LL SHOOT!"The man yelled pointing the gun at Ichigo *End flash back*

Back at the Momoiya House hold
"Ichigo my baby girl your okay!"Her father yelled giving her a hug, Ichigo smiled why do they act like i've been gone so long? Ichigo asked herself

Meanwhile back at the Hospital , "Mr. Shigrone your free to go"The doctor said to him Ryou sighed
"Okay then Doctor..."Ryou said putting on his black shirt and shoes
"Goodbye Ryou"A little girl smiled waving bye
"Bye!"He said doing a quick wave and charming smile at the little girl who was now blushing

*Flash back again!*

"NOW I SAID STOP WITH THIS CRYING!"The man yelled pulling back the trigger slowly , Ryou ran quickly over to Ichigo the man fired the only bullet he had.
Ichigo blacked out for a few second's when she woke up Ryou was over her
"R-Ryou?"Ichigo started to fill her eye's with tear's as ryou's eye's started to close
"NO SHIGRONE!!!!!!!!!!!"Ichigo yelled picking up a phone quickly and calling an ambulance, Ryou was alive but still very wounded
"you'll be fine Ryou"Ichigo cried alittle , Ryou smiled
"I.....Love........You Ichigo"HE said passing out as she heard ambulance siren's.
The paramedic's put Ryou into the ambulance and drove off while a New's crew and press people flooded onto the scene.
*End of the flash back's*

Ichigo quickly looked at her parent's
"WHAT HAPPEND!?"She yelled asking her parent's
"Well Honey Mr.Shigrone got shot while sheilding you..."Her mother said to her
Ichigo started to cry
"But h-he's out of the hospital now!"Her dad said quickly, Ichigo had a gleem of hope as she grabbed her sweater and her shoes and ran out of the house
Please be there! She said to herself running in her pink night gown fuzzy slipper's and white bubble jacket.
She quickly opened the door's to Cafe`Mew Mew
"RYOU!!!!!!!"Ichigo yelled looking around , Ryou ran down the stair's
"Ichigo?"He asked looking at her while walking slowly near her
"SHIGRONE-KUN!!!!!"She said running over to him and giving him a hug
"Why?! Why did you do somthing so stupid Shigrone?"Ichigo asked him crying
"I did it.......cause I love you Ichigo"Ryou said giving her a hug, Ichigo blushed
"But....But.........."Ichigo could'nt find eny word's.
Ryou leaned down to Ichigo and gave her a kiss on the lip's lightly
"No need to say enything....that was reward enough"He smiled still face to face with her , Ichigo kissed Ryou back
"I love you too Ryou"Ichigo smiled Ryou was in shock... Later that day
"Hey Ichigo NO-NA-DA!"Pudding said in a hyper voice with a smile while throwing flames into the air
"Oh hello..."Ichigo said while looking at the flame's, Mint walked into the Cafe` Late
"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"Ryou asked her while her finished counting money
"I was at my dancing lesson thank you very much!"Mint quickly said putting on her bow-tie
"Hello Ichigo.."Mint said carrying some tea with her
"Hello Mint late as usual!"Ichigo smiled
"Very funny....how do you feel?" Lettuce and Mint asked
"Im doing good....nothing but trauma of never wanting to work the cash register again -.-; "Ichigo sighed while waiting a table, Mint and Lettuce smiled
"That was a hectic day huh?"Keiichiro asked Ryou
"Nope Buisness as usual" Ryou said to him while putting the money away
Ichigo smiled as she looked over to Ryou and Keiichiro, Ryou smiled as the day ended.

Ze end ^3^ plz leave a comment!!!!!!!

[~. The heart breaker .~]
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[~. The heart breaker .~]
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    Tue Dec 13, 2005 @ 11:41pm

    i love it good job

    [~. The heart breaker .~]
    Community Member

    Tue Dec 13, 2005 @ 11:44pm

    Thank's took meh awhile to think of a polt TT__________TT

    Community Member

    Sun Apr 13, 2008 @ 08:23am


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