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The Void that is my thoughts
Bluh bluh. This will probably be a useless dump for creatively terrible writing and atrocious Homestucking. Don't expect me to remember it exists.
okay part 2 (if u havnt read part 1 yet read it!!!!) anyway this is a flashback please read and rate

Icy wind whipped my raven black hair around me and raised goosebumps on my deathly pale skin. The waves below me roared and pounded on the shores eating away at the rock. Behind me the lights from the town shone softly through the black night eating away at my worries. Except for the cold this night was perfect, and I let my head lull back to watch the stars. A sudden rustling footstep behind me caused me to jump, whirling around to face whom ever had dared to disturb me. The boy in front of me looked to be two or three years older, eighteen or nineteen, tall and elegant, skin the perfect tan that I always in vain tried to attain by laying in the sun for hours. His hair was a perfect honey blonde and his eyes an angelic sky blue. I remember thinking that he was an angel descended from heaven to save me and sweep me off my feet. It had been so easy to say yes to him, to follow him to love him. So easy that when he broke my heart again and again i still loved him, when he told me he hated me and did horrible things to me and the next day apologized and told me he loved me I still loved him. And I fell for it every time. I had tried to escape but couldn't, I was trapped, forever trapped. And then one day i found something that changed my life, it was a saying short and simple. "The only cure for a broken heart is death." And that day i decided to die.

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commentCommented on: Tue Jun 09, 2009 @ 04:27am
Sweet you added parrt 2! Hey Sasori, is this "figure" supposed to be a real person? 3nodding heart Great job, now write more! twisted

commentCommented on: Thu Jun 18, 2009 @ 02:27am
all i can say
crying crying crying crying
twisted twisted twisted twisted
xp xp xp xp

Sierra Losangeles
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