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Arr Aye Double You Arr.
GD prommies and regs list
This is the official list of the gd's most widely known reggies (popular regular posters). I've compiled this list in a "social class" hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy, would be, of course - the prommies. Sadly there are only really two prommies (Yeah I know, prommies are so '06). But these two gders are too epic to be put into the Reggie category. And so, I've deemed the Prommie King and Queen of the gd'09:


^ Congrats Moscow and Slade. I've officially given you the title of Prommie King and Prommie Queen of '09.

>> These are the next hottest gders in the hierarchy. They are not listed in order. And no, I'm not forgetting anyone. These gders definitely aren't prommies, but they're cool enough to be deemed as the Top Reggies of '09:

-bong rips
-macktastic shagwell
-shogunate sasshi
-Emerald Malicia
-RAWRRIMMATIGER (natalie, whatever her username actually is)
-blow Jay walk of shame
-Blues R I P
-benjamin michael
-thee almighty hipster
-winds and willows
- shades and angels
-Dr. Pen0r
-Hailya Enjoi
-Feeds Like Cancer
-gh0st ship
-Poor Explanations
-Chad aRAD
-Freckly Booty
-Of Harrison
-play by touch
-Your Average Teenager
-Robot from 1984
-The Emily Musical
-bagface or GTFO
-goldfish remains
-Stoobs is back
-Holy Hell Kurups
-Fisk Black X
-in fact
-Passionately in Like
-Epitome of Stupidity
-Mayface Gold
-v e e by marc jacobs
-little priests
-Queer Sauce
-Little Boxes
-Lady Flatass
-Jiggly Jello
-H A L 0 T H A N E
-im fake baked
-fashion assassin
-i sleeep
-electrical current
-C C Corey
-GDs tatu
-Chocolate Weave Goddess

To the GDERS who post regularly but did not get their username listed: Your posts typically go unnoticed. You're not hot or significant enough, and that's the only reason you're not a Prommie/Top Reggie. Try harder.

This was a thread made by the OP.

I'm on thurr. cool

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