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First Day
Today is my first day out of the hospital. My so called “Parents” say that I was skateboarding and fell off and hit my head.
...Do I really skateboard?
I think its bogus,cause I don't feel like a skater...I sure as hell don't look like one.
Hmm.....anyways,who cares right? Not me? I'm just glad I'm out of the hospital...but I still have yet to understand my life before this “Accident.”
I say,in a tone questioning her.
“Yes,” she answers.
“Whats my name,” I feel so stupid asking this.
She pauses and then begins to talk again.
“Laurent James Nightwood.”
...I pause and think.
Can she be serious??
I mean shouldn't this bring back some memories or something?
What the hell,shouldn't I be able to recognize my real name? I mean that should be the easiest thing for me to remember shouldn't it?
She stops the car and turns into an odd looking rock driveway belonging to an old,falling apart white house.
Is this were I live?

Theres no way.
As the words run through my head I begin losing my vision. I close my eyes and my body goes numb. An image begins to form itself in my mind and I then realize what it is. Its the image of something looking at me from the shadows. I can vaguely see its eyes,glistening yellow.
What is this?
Am I dreaming?
As I go over the possibilities in my mind,the feeling comes back into my body.
I look down and move my hand to find that it actually moves. I can feel the cold air,my shaking legs,the feeling of this creature looking at me from a distant shadow of a tree.
What is this?
This can't be a dream,they're never this real.
I look up startled as I hear something make a move in what seems to be leafs.
A gasp leaves my mouth as I turn to see the monster that had been looking at me reseed from the shadows.
Skin blacker than black,this can't possibly be a normal animal.
A skinny but large figure,with a sword like arm on its right and a scary claw for its left. Its smile was a grim lining of teeth among its face.
Its nose,was that of a skeletons,and its eyes big,wide,and pure yellow.
It jumps towards me and I close my eyes and scream as loud as I can.
I open my eyes to a bedroom,with horror like paintings/drawings all over the walls.
I hear someone run across the hallway outside my door and then hear my door fly open.
“Whats wrong!?”
a man says as he runs into my room with a bat.
Who is he?
I look at him dumb faced just staring at him in confusion.
“Laurent,whats wrong,” The man says calmly this time.
“How did I get here?”
I say,still looking at him confused.
He looks at me,relaxing his arm to his side and dropping the bat he'd been holding in his hand.
“you fell asleep as your mom pulled in so we carried you to your room,you've been out ever since then.”
I look at him,now shocked,but still confused.
I turn my head to my nightstand with an alarm clock I'd known would be there saying 3:00A.M on the dot.
I've been out for that long?
When we left the hospital it had been only 10:45A.M.
He looks at me,trying to understand what I was thinking as I sit there and conspire in my mind about this situation.
He looks familiar,but who is he?
“Are you hungry?”
he asks,as I jump at the complete random question thrown at me by him.
“You should be,you haven't had solid food in almost a month, they've had you cooped up in that hospital.”
a month?
All I can recall is a few days.
I open my mouth,about to ask him who he is,and then,I was rudely interrupted by my stomach with a loud ROAR.
As my stomach makes a weird noise for about 5 seconds,theres nothing but complete silence.
A few seconds go by and were just looking at each other,and then he bursts out in laughter.
“I'm assuming that means yes,” he says,still chuckling in between words.
He walks over to me,as I sit there speechless and says “are you okay?”
I look at him,for some reason not able to respond,I can't even make out any words.
He takes another look at me and then comes another rude interruption.
Another vulgar roar from the inside of my belly.
He looks at me,and laughs again.
I simply smile and look down in embarrassment.
Next thing I know I'm in the air.
This man...is carrying me.
Am I still a little hurt from the accident?
Now that my legs aren't covered I realize I have bandages from my foot to my knee.
And I'm also wearing shorts.
Not only that but I realize I'm wearing a bandage on my arm too.
He walks out of my door still carrying me like I weigh 20 pounds and then walks down a dark hallway,with wooden floors and Victorian wall pasterns with a few doors and a few pictures.
As he walks by I look at the house. I can't seem to remember at all.
“Who drew these pictures”
I ask,making him stop to answer”
“Are you kidding,” he says,looking at me like I just punched him in the face and he's questioning why.
I look back with a face like no other
I c**k my head back a little and look dead at him.
“No,did you make them?”I answer,waiting for a reply.
His expression changed and twisted into a relieved look. “You drew these pictures Laurent.”
he answers back.
I look back at the pictures on the wall and then realize a signature on the bottom of each.
...I can't remember at all
looking away I feel my stomach screech again,rumpling my body.
This man begins to walk away and stops at the end of the hallway.
We proceed down the stairs but it feels as though were floating,yet he walks down them at a normal speed,not even making one creek in the stairs.
We leave the dark wooden stairway into a room,with a glow of purple from the moonlight shining from a high window.
We fly through this room within what seems to be a second proceeding into a room to the top left corner of the room.
He puts me down on a chair in what seems to be the kitchen.
Turning on the large TV in the corner to provide some light.
At a table that seems to be just like a bar,he brings a plate of food to me,and a cup of red substance for himself.
I look down at the food inhaling the fragrance. It smells like heaven to me.
My mouth practically waters as I look at it.
Then suddenly a fork slips into my hand.
I look ever to see this man putting the fork in the hand that had been laying to my right side.
I just look at him,and finally actually look at him.
The sound of the TV in the background comforts me.
I look at him as he stands there,almost as though he were modeling.
He's build,in the perfect way.
He's skinny,but really muscular at the same time.
He's wearing a tight tank top and some tight sweet pants.
Around his feet are black socks...my favorite.
And his skin is so pale it almost glows in the moonlight.
His hair is a little shaggy,and from what I can see some shade of brown.
His face is clear,pale,and has a five o' clock shadow that goes perfect with his appearance.
As I examine him he looks up at me and I see his eyes glisten in the night.
They glow green,even though were practically in the dark.

Who is this man?

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