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diary of the socially inept
meaningless rant.
my dad just yelled at me and told me, "turn that garbage down. we're trying to go to sleep."

and although i should be more offended because HE was the one that turned up the volume so loud, and then accused me of trying to wake him up, im more offended that he thinks the shows i watch are garbage.

it was spongebob. and although there's no plot or point to spongebob, i watch it because i want to avoid the kind of garbage that HE watches--things like 40-year-old virgin and knocked up, which have an equal or lesser value, yet are viewed as "garbage" to him.

i have no interest in movies that revolve around sex. they bore me, embarrass me, make me feel ashamed to be human. because that's what's popular, and that's how most of the population thinks, and to only have those thoughts would make me feel so idle. it's reproduction, nothing more, yet it's considered to be so profound and amazing.

maybe he doesnt like spongebob because it's a kid's show, and i already know that he doesn't think children are intelligent or can have deep or meaningful thoughts at all. i know that from experience. my parents both thought i was so stupid when i was younger, and would brush off anything that i sad that sounded smart as, "oh, all kids say stuff like that. honey, youre so funny." and i would get so frustrated.

my mom still does it to me. i'll try to explain the thoughts i have, and she just makes a face and nods and weakly smiles as if saying, "youre so wrong, but im going to smile and nod to make you feel better anyway."

anyway. im making a mountain out of a molehill. [/rant]

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