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Xarra H. Lotus' journal
Check or no check, as long as your happy. ^_^
Twilight Movie (my opinion)
Before reading this:
1. *to the batch 08-09 claver...* I'm sorry if a lot of this offend you.. Really, I am... I just want to give you my opinion
since you actually don't know that I actually watched Twilight on youtube... sweatdrop
2. *to everyone else reading, including fangirls* You should know that I can't help it.. I just want to put my opinions...
3. Forgive me if I suddenly put something stupid/ random. (because I suck and in school, I'm the BIGGEST "EMO-GOTH-WEIRDO".. or at least that's what me and some school/classmates think.. 3nodding )
4. I'm a teen girl... and I'm completely aware of the movie's popularity... and I either like or dislike the movie.. sweatdrop
5. I watched a few scenes, because I couldn't stand the kissing, the confusion and.... "sparkles"....
6. ... You're mad are you? Okay.. look, this is JUST my opinion about Twilight. Okay? *sigh*

After you read this, and you think it's a piece of crap or hate it or hate me.. I am just making my opinion about the Movie..
Note: I WILL NOT MENTION ANY NAMES BECAUSE I KNOW IT WILL OFFEND THEM A LOT. BUT I WILL MENTION WHAT I HAVE HEARD IN MY PAST GRADE 6 LIFE (of course.... We are Foreign... so I am translating EACH AND EVERY WORD THEY HAVE SAID.. OR WHAT I UNDERSTAND OF WHAT THEY HAVE SAID eek I suck in our language... (Filipino) oh well, back to the Twilight Entry.. )

Here, I want to share what happened during my grade 6 life after they saw Twilight:
At school, on my way to the classroom, I heard some classmates and schoolmates saying:
"Hey, did you hear about Twilight?"
"Ohmigod, I THINK SO TOO!!! biggrin "

I got so curious yet so annoyed at the same time that I decided to see the movie until...
Me: "um... no.. I haven't... hehe.. sweatdrop um... why should---"
"---AWW... *goes to another schoolmate* HEY, HAVE YOU HEARD OF TWILIGHT?"
"LIKE Ohmigod YEAH!! biggrin "
My current thoughts: *twitch* What... the... F*** was that?

After that talk I realized how much IQ would actually degrade from anyone's brain after watching TWILIGHT. gonk (again it's just an opinion.. )

When I got home, I searched "Twilight" on youtube and "Twilight" on google to see what the heck that is.

Okay... hm.... The Twilight MOVIE is better than the book.. I only watched a few parts of "Twilight"..... ... it looked cool..... but when I saw Edward...

He looked kinda queer.... because:
1. He sparkles..... That's just obvious..
2. (No offense..) he looked like a foot.. (it's because of the makeup, okay? So I'm not referring to the Robert Pattinson.)
3. It would've been more dramatic if he sucked Bella's blood because of her scent... (And Bella asking Edward to suck her blood so he could live.. Making Edward worry a lot and Bella turning more lifeless.. eek okay, bad idea..)
4. He has eyes that scream "I'M BEAUTIFUL!! @w@" ... stare sweatdrop

When I saw Bella.. hm.. ... .. okay, she looks beautiful, but.. I wish she didn't blink to much and I wish she didn't touch her hair to much.
And for me.. Bella looked like a vampire because:
1. She looked very pale in some scenes... (I mean.. look! It's either Makeup problem or that's just because of the lighting...)
2. Red.. lips... it looked bloody red...
3. Did I mention she really looks like a vampire?

*stare for 3 seconds* (what else... gonk ) ...

Despite the wooden acting... the laughable dialogue... the awful makeup and the cast.. (the questionable cast).... young teen girls and boys love Twilight.. And in reality.. I EITHER heart or scream Twilight.. my rate for it... is 65/100... they've would've done better. neutral

That's... all I have to say actually.. But since you read this, I think you will enjoy these:
Robert Pattinson playing on the piano
Twilight Edward Cullen-Bella's Lullaby
By the way... I love Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. (I DON'T love the Edward Cullen.. I love Robert Pattinson; the one talented not-vampire guy who wins, and no man neither Edward could be better than him. Also, Kristen Stewart would've done a great job on her role in Twilight. I have so little things to say about her.. sweatdrop Sorry Kristen.. sweatdrop )

what? You still here? question That's all! No more! sweatdrop

okay, maybe you could enjoy this.. sweatdrop
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