The show started with Ryan Seacrest introducing Quentin Tarantino who introduced American Idol. "Sir" Simon told the viewers that they were speeding up the show by only making two judges judge after each idol contestant performance, which was a total fail when they still couldn't deliver the show on time. Meh.

Allison Iraheta got to sing first. She sang "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and did a just OK performance. Cook sang it better last season btw. And then a commercial break and now we're back! Anoop "Noop Dogg" Desai did a marvelous job! He sang "Everything I Do, I Do It For You". It was such a heartfelt performance, almost made me tear up a little bit. Adam Lambert was next and sang "Born To Be Wild". He was awesome but a bit shouty at times. And another break.. So so far, Anoop's performance was the best. We're back and Matt Giraud was up. Ryan and him chatted then he took the stage.He sang "Have You Ever Loved A Woman". He played the piano too. He was a bit not himself last night. But nonetheless, still loved him and his performance. And sigh another break.. How many breaks do idol get anyways? Danny was up and chatted with Ryan too. He did "Endless Love" and was a bit out of tune in the start. Simon said that he had a personal connection with the song... Mmm, who would've guess? stare Another break.. WTH?!? Kris was next. He sang "Falling Slowly". IT. WAS. AWESOME! He's really catching up with my favorites right now. But Anoop is still number one wink -Break- Lil was the last one to sing. Gah.. Why is she in the pimp spot? scream To be honest, I really didn't payed attention to her performance. I think she sang "The Rose". That is all I can say except that she neds to be eliminated tomorrow. Definitely a good choice if she does. Then again, there's the judge's save. Hope they don't waste it on her stressed .

I have to say that Anoop and Kris was the best of the night while Lil was the opposite.

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