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Quick jesus hide in here!
My stupid life thoughts,Rants, unsent Pm's Some will be in private due to...Pretty much bad words towards a person.
Ryken by: Earl canas (rave thrasher) ^^
Chapter 1: Introduction
Hey my name is Kyos and im 17 and im a warrior from the 9th village of the 7th mountain I don’t wield the best sword but I get around I.have 3 awesome friends that I known since like…well forever …today we just headed for a war vs the 4th village,3rd mountain … were constantly in war. our last war vs them was 2 years ago,but I guess its our job to fight them. Right now im currently in the 3rd squad ,those are the first wave of guys they send out on the war zone,so me and my friends kazu,gim and kim it was dark so we were setting up camp when kim asked “hey do you know were we put out stuff at?”I had no idea since she was a girl her stuff were kinda personal,then kazu kicked me,I was real pissed off.3 hours later we all fell to sleep……..i woke up sometime later because I heard something out in the woods….i came out of my tent I was so tired but I had to gear up and check it out……..I have been walking out in the woods for 2 hours when I hear something in the bushes I took out my blade and pointed it at the bush,gim comes out and says “He-..”I punched him in the nose,he falls on the ground and rubbed his face,he was pretty steamed but I could not care less,when out of the tree a knife comes dashing out...gim blocks it with his sword,I jumped into the tree and spoted a guy in the enemy's uniform,I slowly sneaked up behind him and stabbed his back with my blade,he falls off the tall tree, I guess I was sorta happy he was still alive I asked him what does he want and what is he doing here,he said “I was sent here to spy on your squad” He coughs blood and dies gim slapped him a few times telling him to wake up,well it did not work.we dashed back to camp only to find kazu and kim gone with the camp trashed.we were confused about what happened,I looked at the floor.and on the floor I see some blood,after a while me and gim dash around the forest for a while looking for something weird or strange…. after a while we run into a strange looking cave with bones and the rotting smell of death…we catch out breath and gim says “yo,you think that might be what were looking for?” he laughed.i stared at him, i picked up a rock and threw it at him,he shuts up…we stare at the cave for a few minutes...gim got bored and walks towards the dark cave
Chapter2 : rude awakening
Something comes out of the ground and grabs his leg and he screams and cuts the hand,he jumps into the tree,I started to laugh my a** off,he started to stare at me with a serious look in his eyes,the thing that grabbed his leg started to come out slowly from the ground,i stared at it,it had strange marks on its face,its eyes were blazing red and was carrying a huge sword, it was rusted ,chipped and old.i was pretty surprised it can come out from there.. it had some trouble standing up…gim said “Kill it!”I told him to shut the hell up,I throw another rock at him,it hits him in the face and he falls off the tree he hits the ground head first,I laughed.i turn at the thing, its coming fast,it thrust its blade at me in a sloppy manner, I dodge the blade and it cuts my cheek a bit,i throw a kunai at it ,it did not effect it…gim was knocked out of his mind,so it was a so called fair fight,that thing jumps in the air and it slashes down,I block its heavy blade with mine,it was to heavy to handle,i kicked the thing away and charged at it and I tryied to stab it but the blade went right past it,the thing looks at it, then looks back at me. My eyes widen with fear,it reached over and grabs my head ,its slings me to the ground,it grabs my blade and throws it a few feet away from me,I look at it wondering what was my next move,it lifts up its blade and swings it………
Chapter 3:savior
I turn and see kim running fast ,she blocks the massive sword with her skinny blade the look in her face told me that the impact of the blade was too much on her it was really heavy even for me, kazu jumps out of the tree and cuts the things head off…the head slowly rolls on the floor…kazu felt like a hero when it was mostly kims save,kim helped me off the ground,I began to dust my self off and just as I was doing than kazu said “You lucky we came in time,retard!”…I looked down at the ground and grind ,I pick up my blade and put it in the case on my back.i said “Thank you”…kim stays quiet ,I walked towards her and tell her “thank you” I leand forward,she pats my head and giggles,i sighed and yawned…after like 5 minutes of standing there I said “Hey uhhm kazu what happens to camp its wrecked” he says”we heard some noises and me and kim hid in the trees,some enemy came and raided the camp looking for hostages.”I stared at him and quietly said”so there's more huh?” kim said “why did you ran into some trouble?” I said “yeah…we killed him” she was sorta surprised,kazu said “let head back and pick up camp?” then we hear a strange noise,it was gim waking up,i Shouted at him “GET THE ******** UP!!!”he jumped right up and had drool all over his hair,kim giggled, and kazu was laughing his head off.he asked “wha’ I miss?” kim punches the side of his head and said “WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU MISS!,you almost let kyos die!”I have never seen kim so mad,gim started to rub the spot were kim hit him and said “ow…” I laughed a bit,kazu said “lets head out!”
Chapter4: mess…
I said “right” we started to run though the tree tops till we reached camp…we stand there for a minute staring at all the things on the ground,kim giggled, I asked why? She said “I don’t know im feeling funny today”,I sighed and said “ok..”kim started to pick up all the stuff,I started to help her,a few minutes later, kim saw the cut on my cheek…she stayed quiet ,she sneaked at me from the back and slapped me on my cut I shouted she laughed,i noticed she put a band aid on me…it was pink with flowers on it.i said “thank you”she said ”don’t mention it” kazu cut his face with his blade in hope for a band aid,she slapped him but there was no band aid I laughed, Once we were packed he started walking the sun was coming up and gim yawned,he was the only one who got sleep and he was yawning,kazu asked me about the thing that came from the floor,I had no idea,so I said “I wish I knew I think it was a spirit from something” Gim said “I think it was a guard”kim nodded her head in agreement, after 2 hours of walking we ran into the portal that leaded to the 3rd mountain, I was glad,I was getting tired,kim said “damn about time I was getting tired of bein’ a walking slave” gim laughed and said “I can go all night” kazu kicked his shin and said”no s**t man, me and kim have been carrying the stuff all night!”he said”ohh yeah,hehehe….”…we herd a noise, kim and kazu dropped the stuff and took out there blades,so did me and gim,and out of the bushes a squirrel came out,gim said”mmmmm…c’mer!”he swinged his blade at it and rips it in half,kim screamed,I shouted at him “Dude!,whats your ******** problem he grinned and said “I JUST got us some food!”kim said “well im not eating that!”gem said fine he throws it to the floor, he started to stare at kim and flipped her off, she looked away and said “stupid little boy” the squirrel started to revive ,I noticed that it had the same glow as the thing from earlier, Kazu’s eyes widen in amazement, gem re-kills the animal, he said “man what’s up with all these things coming to life over and over again…”kazu says”I don’t know and I don’t wanna know” we sanded there for like a minute and then kim said”Hey guys lets go into the portal and leave,gim said”yeah before something appears…”then kazu said “yeah lets leave the things to the other squads” kim and me laughed then I noticed that the portal was a different color than the last time i was here, kim asked “kyos,whats wrong?”I said”nothin’ it’s just me lets go…..”
Chapter5:Waste land!
I went in the portal first then jem then kim then kazu. We were at the other side me and the guys noticed that the land had no more forest and the sky was red and the river was dry, I stared at the horizon to see nothing but red skys…jem sighed and kim gasped, kazu stared…I said “lets go there’s no trees here so we will get cought just standin’ here” a minute later we started dashing though burned out trees when a earth quake started to rumble the ground, we stopped and jumped back, when out of the ground something started to come out, it looked like a bigger version of the thing I fought earlier and failed to beat…we all stared in complete memorization, the good news was that it had no blade,jem stepped up and threw a kunai with an explosion tag on it, it exploded but it did not effect it…kim pulled out a scroll from her pack,she used a water spell on it……… when it finally came out from the ground,it swung its arm at kazu,he dodged it and pulled out his blade, he jumped towards it and tried to slice its arm off but its arm is thick, I jump towards the thing slashing a huge gash on its chest. Kim threw a kunai with a napalm tag to its chest, the thing, it immedietly lighted on fire, it was still alive and now equipped with fire all over its body, Kim said “opps!”she giggled I stared at her for like 3 seconds, me and the guys attacked the thing ,jem said “Hey,Guys lets all try to slice its head off at the same time!!!”I said “uhhhmmm, ok” so at the same time from different directions, we tried ,it worked! It collapsed… gim said “wheew that was close…”
Chapter6: suspition
After a hour of running though the ex-forest we run into a little restaurant, gim said “kyos I don’t like the look of that place…”then kuzu smacked the back of his head and said “don’t be ridiculous…” gim rubs the back of his head and says”yeah, maybe its just me…” we walk in the place and no ones in there, kim calls ”Hello? Any one here?” it was quiet, gim jumps over the counter and looks for stuff we will need and eat,kim says “GIM!,Don’t do that!” gim stops and stares at her,he flips her off and keeps looting, I shout”Gim!,stop it man…”he stops, kazu says quietly “were being watched……”all of us go into deep silence, we hear a loud gun shot we all get down fast as hell ,while gim was just standing there…His eyes were white with pain , Kim screams…gim was shot at his chest and it went right through his body, he coughs blood and looks down at his chest to see the huge bullet hole…and falls to his knees..kim catches him before he falls face first into the cold dusty ground, he whispers something to kim but he struggled…..He said “kim, i…i………” he dies in her arms, She screams “DON’T DIE!” she shakes his lifeless body…kazu puts his hand on her shoulder,She shakes it off and sais “DON’T TOUCH ME!” She lays her head on gems chest, she screams into him to the top of her lungs…she mumbles “I never had a chance….. to say how I felt…………” her make up ran down her face…she leaned over and kissed gem on his lips….she closed his eyes…I told kim to stand back,she screams “no” she gets up and pulls out her gun, she shoots out of the window that the bullet came though…she tries to kill her self with the gun “Click,click,click”… it was out of bullets..she drops her gun...kazu tackles her down and tells her “kim….stop it..”... I picked up gim and rested him on my shoulders,we all ran out of the abandoned restaurant……………………………………………….
Chapter 7: proper burial
We have been running for hours, I stopped and layed gim on the ground, kazu began to dig a hole in the ground… kim has not said nothing for a long time, kazu starts to break down in tears, he said “ its all my fult!!!” I said “its not, you did not pull the trigger to that gun.. I slowly put gim in the hole, I buried him and sticked his sword in the ground in front of his grave…we sat there and just stared at the sword for hours..that once belonged to gim…his grave starts to move, he slowly comes out… but it was not gim, kim stays quiet in silent pain, gim picks up the blade and swings it at kim with a blind force …………………..
Chapter8: why?

Kazu jumps in front of her and blocks it with his blade, kim stays quiet, Kazu shouts at her “KIM!!! Get up!!! run hes trying to get you!” I came from the back and slash gims back, fresh blood sprays out, kims tears are running down her face…gim falls on his knees again,he gets up and throws his blade at kim, I run and I tried to block it, I was too late…………kim leand to the side and caught his blade..she mumbled “why…?”.. kazu ran towards gim and slices his arm off, it sprays out blood, gim groaned, he fell on his knees and fell face first…kazu put gim back in the hole and said “well now he can rest in peace…” kim gets up and unties her blade case and puts her sword next to his grave, she puts his blade case on…. She puts the sword on her back ... kim mumbles “lets go were almost there..”

Chapter 9: the final solution…
We have been running though the land for 2 weeks now and we hardly said a word…we finaly made it out of the fortress we needed to fight in…the red skys started to rain, we noticed that there was not a soul here…kazu said “the captain said he meet us here in exactly 3 weeks..its been 4..you think something happened kyos?” I said “I don’t know the fight has not started yet, well at least from what I can tell from..”we heard a loud cracking noise… Thunder came striking down from the sky and made a huge crater on the ground, the floor started to break and hands and things slowly started to rise from the ground ,after they all raised they were army’s of our soldiers and the enemy solders…it was quiet for 3 hours …when from the crowd of thousands of solders came the captain as dead as the next soldier…he raised his blade and all the soldiers started to charge at us at the last few feet the jumped at us…we pulled out our blades.”it was a good run,hehe…” kazu said “it was an honor fighting by your side kyos and kim…” kim had nothing to say… she grips gims sword.. and we all ran towards the crowd of dead soldiers…..……The end

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