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FinalChara's Journal
Mostly junk and stuff
About Chara
Well, this is the story for Chara, my avi. Part I
Her story is set in the world of Final Fantasy VII. She was a twin, her sister was Helena and she represented the light. Chara was born of darkness and represents it. But they weren't born naturally, they were genetically cloned from Aerith, the last surviving Cetra or "Ancient".
Helena was left as is, while Chara was infused with Jenova cells. They both believed that they lived normal lives, not knowing of the other until a fateful encounter.

Chara was engaged to a childhood friend, but they had grown apart after both their families were murdered by bandits. Chara was chased by Shinra and his Turks into dangerous woods that no one dared go. She lived with a pack of wolves for years until she was called back by her ex-fiance to help in finding the Ten Rings of Creation. With them they would be able to resurrect their parents. She agrees to help and gets sucked into epic battles anf a fight for survival. She teams up with Kadaj and his brothers in their quest for Sephiroth and grows close to them all. She was devastated when Kadaj sacrificed himself to become Sephiroth.
Afterwards, she didn't know where to go, so she just stuck with Sephiroth. She eventually fell for him, but he would not return her love. Together they attacked Cloud and his friends and Chara ended up killing her sister in cold blood. She was the spitting image of Aerith and like Aerith, Cloud had fallen for her. In a final battle, Cloud defeated Sephiroth once more and Chara watched as he faded back into Kadaj. She held the dying boy in her arms as he returned to the Lifestream.

Now she was all alone in the world...

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