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my angry rants
this is my journal of angry rants about things that need to ranted about.
the unseen differences of the american caste system
this time I'm going to rant about the confusion between Emos, Goths, vamps and Cutters.

recently, I happened to be walking along Main street downtown, when a car zoomed past me as i heard someone from inside the vehicle yell at me : STUPID ******** EMO-GOTH KID!
For those of you who dont know me, i do wear a generous amout of black. the fact i was called Goth (or Emo for that matter) is severly misendowed.

here are the differences between these outcast castes:

Goth: it is a person who dresses in extavagently old fasioned, with a sense of gloomyness. they often write poetry about how they hate life and how much they would rather be dead (though most of them would beg for life if you put a gun up to their head). they usually smoke, drink, and avoid the sun.

Emo: these people are ones who often are more sensitive towards their emotions, and tend to focus on the bad ones. You often see them with the front side of their hair longer then the rest, usually parted over one eye. they often wear black clothes too, but accent their attire with bright green, blue, or red.

Vamp: these people started to appear after the movie Twilight was made. these people copy the goth clothes fasion, but are often pussies. they drink tomato juice and pretend its blood, and talk about vampires all day. You would never see them doing anything that is bad for them.

Cutters: these are the people who get psychological validation out of using knives, razorblades, or even the edge of paper to cut their bodies. you will usually find cut marks on their wrists or inner thighs.

What pisses me off is that just cuz the colour black suits me well, people think I like to cut myself. Let me get one thing clear: Goths are NOT Emos, Emos are NOT Vamps, Vamps are NOT Cutters, and Cutters are NOT Goths. I'm not even any of these. I happen to be a Metalhead.

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