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"stories by suffincoolcat"
I Hate My Sister's Boyfriend
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They say you can never truly hate someone,
But,that's where they're wrong my friend,
For there is one person I can think of,
Its my sisters boyfriend,

All he does is laze about,
And drink bear or play his video game,
He never does a dang darn thing,
He treats us all the same,

He pushes he shoves,
He a bully from god knows where,
In the game we call life
He never seems to play fair

I hate my sisters boyfriend,
He's a stupid lazy dork,
I have to remember to thank him,
For chasing me with that fork,

I love my sister I really do,
But you know what really makes me angry,
For when he makes my sister cry,
Oh god I'm gonna sin,please lord save me,

I hate my sisters boyfriend,
For he's evil cruel and mean,
There are things I've never told,
Cause I still don't believe what I seen,

Back on topic here,
Lets talk about the beer,
When he's drunk he always seems to lose things,
And they never reappear,

There are many thing,
I'd like to say about my sister's boyfriend,
Many many things for insistence,

There are things he needs to fix,
Like that stupid door knob,
But there's one thing left to say,
"Get OFF your BUTT and GET A JOB"

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User Comments: [3]
Community Member

Sun May 17, 2009 @ 01:59am

what a a*****e want me to help you sweet kitty mad

Community Member

Tue Jun 09, 2009 @ 02:24am

O H MY GOD!!! WHATS WITH HIM!!! scream

Community Member

Tue Jun 09, 2009 @ 02:38am

O H MY GOD!!! WHATS WITH HIM!!! scream

User Comments: [3]
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