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Found out something Mind Blowing!
Ok, I'm considered the weird person in the school. I can laugh maniacly, I can go insane if I'm hyper.
Now ALL the time I get requests from guys saying "Hey ______ Wants to date you!" or "Hey would you makeout with ________?" Its so god damn annoying!
But...I found out that someone likes me.
Ok, my friend Arfie (yes a crazy name I agree but you get used to it) is friends with Chris. Now at orchestra Arfie kept poking Chris with her bow (if your not in orchestra its the long stick you use to play the instrument) and saying "Come on! Tell her!" and Chris kept saying "No."
So 5 minutes before class was over, Chris said to Arfie "Okay I'll give you permission to tell her...not here though!" and Arfie squealed with delight.
Once class ended, Arfie was following me out the door and said "Hey he loves you...adores you!" Atfirst I spun around saying "WHAT?" but she was already gone. Even though I said What I knew what she was talkin' about.
Now she keeps bugging me about going out with Chris.
Arfie: "So when are you gonna talk to Chris again?"
Me: "I don't know, I'm still in my awkward stage."
Arfie: "Well when are you gonna go in your kissing stage?"
Me: *shove*

I'm just glad neither Arfie or Chris were at the Valentines dance that night.



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Tue Apr 07, 2009 @ 12:45pm

That's cute, but don't worry about it. I had worse feedback on a similar situation and that was from the shy stage.

Goodluck with that, sorry for the lame comment.

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