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Kristophe Becklem

Name: Kristophe Becklem (Kris or when he's drunk Becky XD)


Looks like:

(ears are optional and only used if you draw him drunk)
User Image
(photobucket refs)) Xd
User Image
But dresses more like this: User Image
More Images of what I imagined:
bruises and expression
expression and hair
Age: 25

Asexual (wherever he can get it. He's a man-whore)

: 5'9''

Eye Color:

Hair color:
Reddish Brown

Can never be seen without:
His trusty wine cooler.

He can destroy enemies with one glare. (laser vision I guess) and if his gaze is not he can see into the demons and see the source of power. (Like detection of unholy Xd) He can see through things too. <3.

Conditions for Ability:
He must have at least 1 bottle of alcohol in him.

Personality/Backround: He is sort of bipolar so to properly explain I would have to then divide the sort of split-personality.
When buzzed/sober: He is sort of serious and a bit witty in his words. He has perverted thoughts still but he has much better control of himself. When seen like this he'd be seen reading and can be quite reliable source of help.
When drunk: Can be seen hitting on anything that moves possible. His favorite past time is ogling at pretty people. His powers are active and so he can be quite dangerous though most of the time he's just looking for a good time in any way shape or form. Has a knack for turning anything into some joke (sexually XD)
He used to be the son of a wealthy CEO and because is used to getting what he wants. He hates his family and is secretly glad that the world is ending if he wasn't endangered too. He usually doesn't like to talk about his former life feeling that he was partly responsible for the way things are.

What he usually wears: baggy goth clothes, and button up shirts. You can give him from the elegant goth to grungy. Just don't makes him too pretty. He's supposed to be on the rough side.

Can be coupled with Yue Amazaki

Arts received of him:
User Image

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