Hi loony! Nice to c u again.... i c u like south park very much right?
when i was born in the philipines and was 6 moving in to america, there was this south park show.... the one i hated most. I hated the show because there were only borign ppl withhats and sitting in a house that time talking aobut boring stuff...... where did i watch it?
I watched it at this womean's house.... a freind of my mom and dad. Now i like it a little cheese_whine

I didnt like it that time ALSO cuz like i was born in the philipines right?? and like well i didnt understand it.... BUT WHEN I CAME TO AMERICA just saying one word... HI! to a friend in tukwila Washington.... the next day i was speaking and beginning to learn! THis is my life.... I DK y im even telling it to u!! omg my privacy has been let out..... welll thats enough i gtg sleep its 11:30 p.m here.... BYE!!!!!!