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the dark side of yamikisa
the things that go throw my head yea and it is scary
which one
my boyfriend is:
You are a sadistic seme. You have to have controll and love to toy with your partner. You are cruel and demanding and want your uke to follow sute. Although you are cruel, you also love passionatly. You may tie up your uke and torment him, but you'd literally kill anyone else who tried. Your uke is yours and yours alone.

my result:
You are an agressive uke. Your seme is yours and only yours. Anyone else who touches them can die. You want the attention of your lover, and only want them to think of you. You can't stand to be alone, and are allways willing to please your partner.

my 2nd one:
You are a masocistic uke. You like to have the ultra superior seme to command you. You are dependent and like to give everything in your life to your seme. You don't neccessarily like to be toyed with, but if it makes your lover happy you'll endure it. You may not show it out right, but you are a passionate person who adores their seme unconditionaly.

seme or uke?

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commentCommented on: Fri Jan 02, 2009 @ 05:33am
here is another one of mine:
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You're an ICY UKE. You have a cold shell around in public you and rarely let anyone else in. You're kind of quiet and often keep to yourself. You're polite to people but you often find people in general to be annoying. You have friends, mostly girls, that care for you and worry about your cold demeanor. You're more masculine than other ukes and you don't act like an innocent little girl like many ukes do. You have no problem with killing and won't hesitate if it's protect yourself or someone else. You feel very lonely most of the time and are likely mildly depressed. when people insult you, it more or less bounces off you, they're idiots, why even bother giving the your attention. Although cold on the outside you have a heart of gold that occasionally shines through your shell. Your friends often go to you in their time of need because you are trustworthy and empathic for your friends. You most likely have a co-dependent relationship with one of your friends. Though you also have some very dark tendencies on the inside that scare you. In a relationship you work hard to keep your seme happy, while still maintaining your own individuality.

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