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Hey! This is my journal. I write many things in here. Weather it is embarrasing moments, Boy stuff, or just things that happen in an ordinary day for me. Thanks for reading.
Boys Boys Boys!
Sometimes...boys are so confuzing. At other times, they are simple. I can't figure out wich one they are more...i think confuzing. Well, I think that boys are confuzing because of a boy at my new school. His name is Christain, I HAD a huge crush on him. He was really nice, outgoing, great personality, cute, cool hair, and loved to talk to me. I loved being around him and talking to him. He knew that I liked him, so he would tease me about it all the time(nice way of teasing.) He gave me hugs and was even nice to my friends. I got his number and after a few days, I finally got the guts to text him. He responded and we were texting each other non stop. He told me that i was cute and that i'm a really nice girl, even though he has a high school girlfriend. heart
Christain was like THE mr. right for me. I really liked him. Then, about a month later, I sent a forward to a few of my friends, including him. I waited for a few responses, i got some from a couple of my friends sayin nice and funny. Then, I heard a beep saying that I got a text message. I looked at it and it was a response from Christain. I read it and it said F***able. I was SO mad. I showed my sister, she was alot more mad. She grabbed the phone from me and texted him a nasty message back. He said he was kidding and stuff but my sister wouldnt get over it. She kept sending messages.
I still liked Christain after the insidant. But then, about a month after that, I texted him as I was in youth group. I hadn't talked to him about the whole month that passed, so I wanted to know the problem. So, I texted him saying HI. He said Hi back and I asked him why he hadn't been talking to me for a while. He texted back saying that I'm annoying! I was really upset. I didn't cry or anything, but I was confuzed. I asked him how...that I dont even talk to him anymore. He just kept saying that im annoying and then he sent a message saying "your talking to me right now." I knew that was right...so I just said well...bye.
He kept saying that I was annoying...at school and everything. He was the one being annoying! I didn't even know why he was saying it! I just ignored him and said I dont care. After a while, me and him just made it a joke. We would just call each other annoying every time we saw each other. The first one to say it...kinda wins (kinda like a game.) We did that for a while. Then I texted him one day and said that he is annoying! He texted back that i'm annoying and i just laughed. Then, he texted back saying "ur ugly!" I gave my phone a weird look and texted back "wat?" He just said that im ugly again. So, i though of it as a game again. So, i said that heez gay! He called me a lezbo back...i didnt think anything of it. Then, I went to school. I was on my way to lunch..just had to get my lunchbox out of my locker. I accedently dropped my lunchbox on the floor and had to pick it up. Christain passed by just as it fell out. He just looked back, started to laugh, and then said that I'm annoying, gay, lezbo, and that I stink! I got really upset at the stink thing. I gave him a puzzled look. He just laughed. Then, 2 weeks passed and he just kept saying that I stink. I just ignored him. I didn't count it as a game anymore. I counted it as him just trying to annoy me. talk2hand So, one day, in reading class, I was just talking to my friends...as I normally do. Then, usually Christain would come up to me and say i stink. I was used to the routine. He started to walk toward me and whispered that I stink in my ear. I dont know what triggered me...but I got REALLY mad! I was sick of it! I wanted him to stop! I waited untill he stopped laughing. Then, I elbowed him in the stomach! He made a "Ooof!" sound and then, he walked away. My friend, Kailey, gave me a high five and I was kinda proud of myself. I know that it wasn't right to use violence, but....he hasn't told me that I stink in a long, long time! biggrin

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Yes, that is me.
Ashley's The name. (:
Check out my photography:
I do roleplaying in the forums :3
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I <3 Writing & Photography

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Sat May 30, 2009 @ 06:36am

yes they r weird... Lol
Right on!
he deverve that!

Community Member

Wed Jun 03, 2009 @ 06:44pm

Good writing biggrin

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