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Shadows Come to Light Lyrics, stories, qoutes, how my life is at any given moment... just dont' expect ANYTHING to make sense...

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ANOTHER JOURNAL ENTRY FROM THE GREAT AND POWERFULL AZZY! *roars* OH YEAH! I'M AWESOME! I'M A FREAKING VAMPIRE! ...anybody fear meh? anyone? anyone? FINE! BE THAT WAY! ehhhhh... i'm sleepyfull... does anyone fear the great ad powefull sleepy vampiric azzy? no? okay... WELL GUESS WHAT! you guys can listen to my life now, HA! BET YOU SUCKERS FEAR ME NOW!

OKAY! so ummm... you have tow choices... you can hear my emo rant or you can hear my... ummm...not so emo rant... idk... *waits* OKAY! I'LL TELL YOU BOTH! starting with the not so emo rant, how does that sound? first off, christmas break is in *counts on fingers* three days. i'm nit sure whether to say yay or awww... i mean... i like break and all... but really? i think i'll lose my mind from two and a half weeks with no friends... is it even two and a half weeks? i don't know, i don't care. all i know is that it's gonna kill me... *sigh* anyways. it sounds like i have two projects due after christmas break, but i have no idea what the hell they are. isnt that great? so i'm completely screwed... and then i just now found my english text book... so i can maybe bring up my english grade... that would totally be a life saver... idk... *sigh* on to the other thing now... i feel like i'm second choice to other people... and it's like... really painful... i mean... shouldn't she be able to tell me anything? talk to me whenever she feels down? *sigh* it just hurts that she doesn't even think about calling me or talking to me about what's wrong... *sigh* screw it...

yeah.. that's it... sorry for seeming so emo... but that's it... thanks for the eggnog twiggeh...

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