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Pls view my Journal!!!
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~Lovin & Hatin~
Here's my list of my hates, loves and likes:

I Love:
User ImageGod!
User ImageMy family
User ImageMy Friends

I like:
User ImageJamming and attending Youth Net[This is a church organization where all the young people are having worship ministry! You can really have a fun time there and experience God!
User ImagePlaying with friends
User ImageChatting in the phone
User ImageWatching animes and cartoons
User ImageWaffles, pancakes and cereals![lol they're all breakfast foods xD]
User ImageOmelete and baked macaroni! blaugh
User Image heart My Church-School!!! heart
User ImageUmm Shoujo Japanese dramas[like Hana Yori Dango and Gokusen]
User ImageBeing with my friends
User ImageGaia Online!!!
User ImageInternet!!!
User ImageMy anime DVDs
User ImageScience Biology! [I really am interested in environments especially marine biology! I love studying about whales, sharks, starfish, anemone etc!]
User ImageBeing top in our English class xD[Well, i'm not being boastful but I just like being one! xD But I dont really speak English good and there's still more words i have to know! ^_^]
User ImageDesigning things[Ooohhh.. I feel like an artist even if I'm not haha!]
User ImageListening to musics[A lot of them were Japanese and I just got them from animes xD]
User ImageJoking around... Or should I say "kidding around?" haha
User ImageMeeting my classmates last year
User ImageWarm bath at night
User ImageDifferent flavors of waffles! I have tasted sugar waffle, pineapple waffle, apple waffle, cheese and bacon waffle, and my favorite: hotdog waffle! xP
User ImageFruit salad!!! I love any kind of fruits exept orange xP I dunno why xD

I hate:
User ImageComing late
User ImageHot places!!! evil [I really hate this one!]
User ImagePeople being nice to me so that they can use me[like some of my classmated being nice to me just for borrowing my stuffs or asking me a question during the test! Ughh!! i really hate those kind of people!]
User ImageCheaters and people copying on other's work/assignments/test papers!!! [Seriously, I saw many people like these the time I transferred into another school!]
User ImageRude and selfish people
User ImagePeople who says "NOOB" to other Gaians!! I think they're being mean to other Gaians just to say that they're rich in Gaia blah, blah, blah! They're being showy for their "Fake" money & stuffs!
User ImagePeople saying I'm weird because I dont cheat![Most of my classmated do that! crying ]
User ImageSuper noisy!! I hate it when my sis turn the volume so loud! And I hate the way my classmates behave being noisy in the class even the teacher's there!
User ImagePeople who make fun of Jesus and God!!! They shouldnt do that because God is Holy and shouldnt make fun of Him!
User ImagePeople who brag about their money,golds and stuffs!
User ImageWaking up early in the morning! Awww!! Our class starts 6:30am!! gonk
User ImageHaving cold and cough! [This doesnt make me sleep at night]
User ImageHaving hard time sleeping
User ImagePeople who are mean to my friends or my sis/bro
User ImageMath and Chemistry!!! Ughhhh!!! this 2 subjects are making my head dizzy!! I cant concentrate on doing Math and Chemistry stuffs! D:
User ImageCold bath early in the morning! This makes me shiver!! scream

I think thatz all! i'll just update if there's still something to wtite on! ^_^

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