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A dream or sign?
well i had a dream one day and
i mean in the begining i was with some vampires and they gave me a list of coins to find and gave me some gold coins
but then things started to get weird i noticed something unusual when I looked at the house next door then i went back to the vampire cave and no one was there they fled from something so I went to the neighbors house and they spotted the coins in my hand and asked to see them so I let them and it was unlike anything they seen they said then they told me to go somewhere but i forgot where and I distinctly remember that he told me not to go by this little girls house, but I ignored his warning, and I went by the house, but the real weird thing is i ran on all 4s like a wolf or a fox or something,
but then when i reached the park there was the little girl, and I sensed something was wrong i could somehow tell she was a demon, and she told me the town was having a race tomorrow and the loser died but like in dreams i didn't take heed to the warning so i went and there was a huge demon in a cage it looked just like a shadow with 8 arms but made no noise and shortly after the race started i was gone. Believe it or not, but I wasn't gonna die I was scared for my damn life, so i ran about four blocks up, and four blocks back to the demon girl I have no idea why. I mean I was safe, but when I got there there was a stage type thing above an electrical power place, and when I ran up there she fell and got electrocuted and shortly after that her soul drifted, but then when I went to go say hi to my mom and say i won but after that the demons soul drifted into the body of the other demon and had full powers, and control she destroyed the cage she was in, and came after me. I ran as fast as I could past McDonalds even, but then I tripped and believe it or not i died in my dream, but i was aware of what was happening. It was pretty scary. Then after she killed me she went to the airport, and changed into a different form, and met up with my friends. After she met them she told them a plan and it turned out my friends were demons I was pretty scared. One because I was dead, and two becuase my friends were demons, and I could still see, but could not do anything to stop what they were going to do. Then after that everything is a blank

If this means something, or you think it does please leave a comment with your explanation.

Corneille Noire
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Corneille Noire
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    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Sat Mar 28, 2009 @ 12:10am
    Whoa, SCARY. I have no clue what it means.
    Is this what your username comes from?
    With me, most my dreams are like ....warnings, 'cause most of them come true. burning_eyes

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