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DiaRy oF *~~bLeUZz~~*
Plight With My Sister
I have a 12-year-old sister. The both of us share a very special relationship...a relationship that not any other siblings share or have. I always feel that there is an invisible ribbon tying and uniting us both together. However, now that we've grown up we always fight and argue. And whenever a fight springs, I often feel a slight tug on my heart-- as if the ribbon tying us together is gonna SNAP! out of the blue. Aside from the ribbon about to break, I feel my heart is gonna break too because I know that my heart and that ribbon...are connected. I notice my sister and I grow up steadily...but fastly at the same time. Slowly and constantly, the ribbon stretches and stretches. I wonder if the ribbon will continue stretching until--! The gap the ribbon is making by stretching widens as we fight. Our fight gives me a hint the ribbon will snap soon...

There are times when I tease my sister by disguising it as a compliment and she laughs! I feel a fluttery feeling inside of me whenever that happens... At times, I will compliment her but this time, it isn't a tease! I say things like, "I like your hair and those bangs look great!" but all she says is, "Shut up. I'm sick of it." She still thinks of it as a joke and replies bitterly whenever she gets the chance. Then, I feel a stronger tug on my chest. It..it...hurts so bad that sometimes, I just wanna cry and let it all out!

Nowadays, she's acting cold....AGAIN. You might say that I should be used to this by now but I am so NOT used to her iciness! Have I ever treated her so badly? Perhaps..but! I'm sorry, then!

Well....I guess this will be the only answer to all this, huh... My sister is simply... growing up. Now, she may be at the "rebellious" stage of a kid... I must also treat her and quit making arguments with her...^^ At least now, I feel better by writing my problems into this journal!

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    Tue Dec 23, 2008 @ 12:45pm

    I, too, have a sister...A little sister at that. I had adored her when she was still a little baby...maybe I had adored her too much. Now, when there is a chance, she would lash out at me for petty things. I guess every thing we do does have its consequences both good and bad. On her part, since I had loved her when still young, I also made an opening for her to strike at me. That is what love is, I think. We are vulnerable to being hurt by them but the once it was the one that we love who are hurt, we try to protect them, making us look strong in their eyes.

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    Yuuki Aoyagi
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    Fri Jan 02, 2009 @ 07:46pm

    ~haha, my sis and i have the same problems we we're like so close before ;_; now it seems like a gap sorta like what you have with your sister, i'll tell you this -you should tell your sister how you feal, tell her what you wrote in your journal or however you wanna express it, humans are complicated creatures, and often our emotions get the best of us, but you need to tell her how you feal ^^v i do know this ~she'll never know unless YOU tell her~

    Good luck!~

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