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Ayo's Poems
I Think I'll Put Some Poems In Here That I Made Or That I Like xD. Make Sure To Go To "Archive" So You Can See All The Poems ^__^
By Bairon Madrigal
You pierce my heart,
You disable my mind.
You steal my shadows,
Leaving me behind.
You lie to others,
About me.
You turn my friends against my soul,
With lies.
I feel hatred,
I feel worthless.
Why do I continue?
Why do I try?
What is the point of living?
When the cost is too much?
When all have abandoned you,
When all have abandoned you.
I feel no hope.
I feel no pride.
I feel like an object,
Without a heart inside.
No love,
No fun,
No laughs,
Only cries.
When this pain dwells inside,
What can you do?
But take a knife and punish yourself,
For the mistakes of others.
You have taken my love,
Smashed it against your shores of despair.
You’ve taken my life,
Turned it into a game of regret.
Where can I run?
When there is nowhere to go.
Where every corner despises me,
No point in living.
When your dreams have become reality,
Only to be stepped on and smashed by others.
When your hope has abandoned you,
Left you to die,
I find my final chapters approaching.
For Earth has been cruel.
I feel no more fear,
I feel no more hate.
I see no love,
I hear no breathing.
Only a dead, empty soul.
Begging, pleading to die.
Just put me out.
Out of my misery.
I feel nothing,
No joy.
No, I have never felt joy.
I know nothing but pain and sorrow.
My mind is dead.
It has entered a state of paralysis.
Brought on by pain, fears.
A black hole is where my heart once was.
Now a vast space of emptiness,
Nothing to do or give.
I feel nothing.
I feel no emotion
No emotion.
I am DEAD.
I have been dead for years.
Now I know why that kid did it.
Why he hated life.
I now feel his pain.
I know the consequence for the actions I will take.
I understand my soul will roam Earth only to torment others.
No, only to torment itself.
Darkness has consumed my soul.
Darkness has creeped over my body.
Darkness has entered my body, mind, and soul.
Darkness will control me.
Darkness has controlled me.
Darkness has ended my life.

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