"You know, you remind me of my father..."

That quote finally makes sense to me. My father is a b***h. I'm sorry. He's f-ed up my life more than I can count. First, he leaves my mother for some white b***h. Second, he knocks her up and makes a whillipino (white+pinoy). Thirdly, he doesn't buy me Fallout 3 for my Xbox.

Alright, now let's get some things straight. I'm not the stuck up son of a rich father who get's whatever he wants in life. I earn the things I want with time and patience. My birthday was 2 months ago. My birthday money lay in my nightstand rotting and waiting for me to spend it.

This evening, I marched into my Circuit City intent on buying Fallout 3. California being California, I of course need a Parent and or Guardian to come with me, vouch for me, and purchase the game for me (with my money mind you). I bring the game up to my dad who casts a me a dissapointed glance after scanning the back of the case. He had so much despositiong in his face I might has well have commited a murder and told it straight to his face. He refuses to buy me the game and I walk out of the store empty handed after spending nearly an hour in the store arguing with him in the DVD aisle.

On the surface, my father is just another caring parent doing his duties to society, but what you don't know is that my dad is in fact...a hypocrit, if you didn't figure it out by the title by now. For years he has been the stereotypical dad, and my mom was the stereotypical mom. But somewhere over the years, they did a mysterious swap, where my mom became the buy you w/e the hell you want and dad adapted the mom's sterotypical, "you're not old enough for this yet".

My father is the one who WANTED me to watch the slashers, the snuff films, and the horror movies WITH him (always snickering at how corny and boring it was at the end of the film). The Hills Have Eyes, the Saw series, the Omen, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is just jolly good fun and Call of Duty 4 is secretly a junior terrorist training video. It doesn't help that he seriously takes the ESRB's guidelines to heart. Calling them the essential "laws" of buying videogames.

I don't understand his erratic behavior. On some of the days where I would set out to purchase a videogame of the exact "negative" caliber, he would shrug at me and say, "Get it." (Going so far as to purchasing an M-rated game for me on my 13th birthday). On other not-so lucky days, such as tonight, we would have the same argument that we've had hundreds of times prior to, and I would sulk off empty-handed.

I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle here, and I just can't understand my father's views on the whole thing, seeing as it's constantly shifting and changing. Only god knows...and probably the only one who will know. Oh well...ask my mom to buy it for me.

That's my rant for the day. See ya.