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Today I went to school and attempted a cosplay of L from Death Note(I was planning to go as Lelouch from Code Geass, but the whole cosplay gear coted a fortune. WHY PRICE, WHHHYYY!?!? So then I had second thoughts of cosplaying Rukia from Bleach, but then I figured L's costume would be a hell lot easier, fact that I'm trying to save up for a little trip soon, so I just went with L).
Big mistake.
No, HUGE mistake.
I got complimented by over 9000 people(not bad).
I got glomped by over 9000 people.
I got mocked by over 9000 people.
I got over 9000 remarks from people saying "CAN I TRY ON YOUR WIG PLEASE kthnx".
Oh, the list goes on!
I was glad all of it ended when the bell rang after our school activities. My friend Erin came home with me. We got home and I carved a cat into our pumpkin. Then later around 5:40, My boyfriend came over ^^ We all went trick or treating together. Well, less treating and more tricking. We spent most of our time finding entertainment out of jumping out at random little kids and screaming at them.
Was fun. Erin is sleeping over. And she's fallen asleep on the couch right now snoring like a hog. stare

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Eternal Alucard
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commentCommented on: Thu Nov 13, 2008 @ 12:26am

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