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Kingdom Hearts is the shiz-nizz
Thing's I've recieved
My Birthday came here today on the 22 of January, and here is an awesome and hilaireous poem by my friend Demonic Rawr:
Demonic Rawr

Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates,
the fact that you were able to make another trip around the sun.
And the whole plan gathers round' gifts and laughter do will bound,
we let out a joyful sound and sing that stupid song.

Happy Birthday, now your one year older.
Happy Birthday, your life still isn't over.

Happy Birthday, you did not accomplish much.
But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.
So lets drink to your fading health, and hope you don't remind yourself
your chance of finding fame and wealth decrease with every year.
Dose it feel like your doing laps, and eating food and taking naps,
and hoping that some day, perhaps, your life will hold some cheer.

Happy Birthday, what have you done that matters?
Happy Birthday, your starting to get fatter.

Happy Birthday, it's downhill from now on.

Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone.
If cryogenics were all free then you could live like Walt Disney and live
for all eternity inside a block of ice.
But instead your time is set this is the only life you get,
and though it hasn't ended yet some times you wish it MIGHT!

Happy Birthday, you wish you had more money.
Happy Birthday, your lifes so sad it's funny.
Happy Birthday, how much more can you take?

But your friends are hungry so just cut the stupid cake.

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Hap.....

Bah, I'm done here.

No no, don't worry, I dun mean any of that. x3
Happy Birthday with many more to come Haseo-Nathan-Personmabobber. ;D

Here is an awesome poem made by a true artist:
curtesy of Kyoshi:

Behind dark clouds,
And through the misty forest vales
That are blown about in wind and sudden gails,
A figure emerges into the night.
Stealthy, even-footed like an assassin
Who knows his job.
The creatures of night surround him
As he passes them by, his footsteps
Leading him on with certainty,
With a knowledge that those who die
Die at the hands of mercy in whatever form.

Into the clearing, through the damp grass
Splashing through the moon and stars on the water...
Past the place where a hundred deer have been slaughtered,
Along the trail he'd walked on many times.

And many times before, he'd walked that path
To the same fate, sending one to the same doom;
And in all the miserably smoky gloom
Of his last mark's home, he finished the job
Serene, swift, and like an artist, with beauty.

Memories did not so much race as waltz
Through his tranquilly buzzing brain...
He never second guessed himself,
Only pondered deeply in the dark rain.
And now is no different,
Making his way to some new task,
His element taking him by force
And pushing him forward. Do not ask,
His mind tells him. Do not ask.

Haseo Hyuuga
Community Member
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    Haseo Hyuuga
    Community Member

    Thu Feb 19, 2009 @ 12:39pm

    hmm, maybe i should go look for a writer for anudder poem...

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