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Current Ideas in Ruiko's Mind.
Thoughts and among other things that go in my head. Might give you thoughts of your own too. Not like you need my help. :D
Holy Moley!
Checking my past journal entries you'd think I died or something. No posts since '07. sweatdrop Feeling the need to blame on something, I'll list the many distractions that prevented me from doing so. Be warned, not all of these things are productive... actually maybe all of them are not productive. rofl

o Books: Tons and tons of books. (Not really. xD)
o Nintendo Dual Screen: Many games. (Wanna tetris battle?)
o Stepmania: Otaku's Dream 5th Anime Mix is out. (Go get it if you haven't already)
o Grand Chase: Don't play it. (Especially if you lag-o-lot)
o Anime series: Been doing a little catch up.
o California: Was too stinkin' out down there.
o Twit live: Techy stuff that I wanna know.
o Germany cousins came over: Went everywhere to show them around.

There are many MANY other things that happened, but I can't quite remember. O.o!

Truth be told
To tell ya the truth, I've been meaning to write one regarding the "supposedly" release of Gaia's new MMO, zOMG, which was going to be released this summer, but was pushed back to after summer. Qixter, the main developer of the game made a journal entry of it here:


The idea of setting up a later release of a game because of fine tuning doesn't bother me that much. It's the continued hype of it that makes my skin tingle in excitement. I need to focus on other things anyway.

I know it's getting old, but did you know the Large Hadron Collider was activated and tested this month? Check it out and comment future developments about it.

Till next time... When I feel like it...

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