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Prepare to face your doom
Thoughts of a restless mind
Yeah so it's 4:43 in the morning, Saturday, August, 16 2008. I was playing some texas poker, while waiting for the other players to make their choices I had a lot of time to think, rather boring actually. Here are some random things I thought I'd let you know:

Okay first, see I have this comic series I've been making it's about Roy, a corrupt office worker that recently got fired, he lives in the top floor of a deli, owned by his friend Tanya, who got the place through inheritance. As Roy plots to destroy all that he knows, His four friends have their own lives and problems to tend to such as Sam. She's been dating Scott for a while, but she's an alcoholic and has commitment issues due to her first marriage, so she doesn't even consider that they're dating, simply 'bed buddies'. Then there's Dexter he's a hair stylist that is also bisexual, he's dating Chad but likes Tyler. And when his parents find out he's bi they disown him, and he becomes a suicidal neatfreak. Next is Tyler, Tyler likes Tanya and is currently single, he's the lead guitar of his band. Him and his band all have drug problems as is assumed with most rockers. Tylers band consists of Brock (vocals), Matt (Bass guitar), and Josh (Drums). Brock and Matt like Sam, and Josh likes Tanya as well. And now Tanya, Tanya is a college student she attends night classes three times a week, wednesdays, thursdays, and fridays, but you don't see much of that. She likes Roy but she keeps it a secret or tries to, but everyone knows really, so she is very paranoid . There's a lot more but w/e, anyways why I'm telling you this is because I think the song: "Cubicles" by My Chemical Romance would be perfect for it don't you? Yeah I know, you're like all that just to say the song is good for it? wth?

Next I was thinking, how do Turkish people sound? I mean I've never actually heard one, in person, and while I was playing poker I was plaiyn with some Turkish people, they talked to eachother and I mean I couldn't tell what they were saying, but it looked cool and I just wish I could hear it...Do they sound like Indians? But they speak English right? Idk. Ya know, now that we're talking about accents, British, Irish, Scottish, Indian, Islander, Italian, and French accents are so hot. German and Russian are more cool than hot. OH! Canadian accents...and Canadians in general are hot. I love me some Canadians!

Did you know Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky? Isn't it weird how British he sounds, and he's not French, his 'socially accepted' wife is and that's where they live....I don't like his 'wife'....Besides the annoying gap between her teeth, and I don't like her voice, and that without makeup, and maybe all the time Idk, she's really shriveled, and Johnny depp is so not shriveled, he's smooth, and tan, and sexy....oh well, just wait, if and when they breakup, Imma make sure I'm right there, lol, even though there's a 30-something year difference, age is just a number. biggrin

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    Hushed Hullabaloo
    Community Member

    Wed Aug 20, 2008 @ 12:12am

    You are so funny..... xd

    Magnificent Dustmop
    Community Member

    Mon Aug 25, 2008 @ 10:56pm

    Hullo thur, Ookami.

    I know a few people from Turkey. I guess they do speak some English over there, but Turkish is their main thing.
    I found this song on youtube.
    This is Turkish.
    It reminds me a little of German and Russian with a French accent. XD
    I really wanna learn Russian now.

    Sorry for the random reply but I'm procrastinating and it's what I do.

    Nagrom Hellion
    Community Member

    Mon Nov 10, 2008 @ 11:45pm

    Me want a part, ill read lines out to oyu from the script and see who sounds best for me

    User Comments: [3]
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