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Shu-chan's journal
here is my work of art of writing up stories and povs
I see your pain chapter 4
Killua looked below him at the exam center and saw a lot of other exam takers. His eye caught the glimpse of two people he once saw at the auction. It had been two days since then.

"So that kid's taking this exam as well eh?" A smile spread across his face and Gon wondered what he could possibly be smiling about.

"So many people here" Leorio said as the two of them looked around at the number of people gathered.

"Well you're number four hundred and three, so it's only right that there would be this much people gathered here" A small and plump man jumped down from the ledge he was sitting on and walked up to them.

"Yo, I'm Tompa, this year I'm number six-teen" The man pointed to his button.

"This year?" Kurapica raised one eyebrow.

"You guys must be new"

"How did you know?"

"I've taken the exam thirty-five times" Both Kurapica and Leorio blinked in confusion.

"Th-thirty-five times?"

"If you don't understand something, I'll explain it to you"

"Impressive..." Leorio scratched the back of his head.

"Are you the rumored Tompa-san?" Another person that was short and plump like him showed up, carrying a computer.

"You are?"

"I don't think you'd know, I'm a rookie, number one eighty-seven, I'm Nicole" The boy typed something in and continued.

"It's this Tompa-san....thirty-five times is the second most in history, you made it to the main exam thirty times in first place, it's remarkable"

"I've only taken the exams and have never passed, I'm an all-time failure"

"All-time failure...I guess the phrase...fits a person like you, excuse me" The boy turned and walked away leaving the three of them stunned.

"He's an irritating kid" Leorio swung his metal brief case over his shoulder.

"I guess he got me, but what he said was true, it seems that this time a lot of unique people have gathered, look over there" Tompa pointed to a small boy with silver, spiky hair. A card flew by him and Tompa and the other two looked to see where it was going and saw a man with blue hair catch it with no trouble.

"Let's be careful, apologize if you bump into someone" Hisoka smiled at the man as the man cried out for help.

"s**t...the dangerous guy came again this year, number fourty-four, the magician, Hisoka, he could have passed last year but he was disqualified for nearly killing an examiner....but who's that kid standing next to him?" Leorio looked at the kid that Tompa was talking about and his eyes nearly popped out of his skull.

"Th-th-the kid I was talking about!" Leorio said and pointed to him.

"You mean the kid you ruthelessly left behind to get sold?"

"I didn't do it ruthelessly!"

"You know that kid?" Tompa asked.

"Ah....sort of....some guy talked him into going with him to the ship that he was supposed to be on but was really selling him"

"So you're 'that' kind of guy huh?"

"What do you mean?"

"It just means you'll become a bad hunter"

"You take that back!" Leorio held him in a head lock.

"Is this everyone then?" All the exam takers stopped what they were doing and looked over at the man with curly flipped hair and a mustach.

"If there are no more particapants, let us begin"

The man started walking at a slow pace. Leorio sighed and just followed along with Kurapica and Tompa. The boy with the silver hair zoomed past the three of them on a jet like skate board. He slowed the skate board down a bit when he reached Hisoka and Gon.

"Cool skate board" Gon said happily and smiled down at him.

"Gon...." Gon stopped smiling and looked at Hisoka.

"Sorry Hisoka-san, I forgot...." The man that was all the way in the front quickened his pace a bit and it soon turned into a run.

Hisoka slowed down a bit instead of running faster and Killua followed them. Kurapica, Tompa and Leorio ran past them.

"You guys better be careful, god only knows what Hisoka would do to you if you're in the back..." Tompa ran a bit faster so that he was in the middle of the large group.

"Great...which means we probably can't get closer to that kid....by the way....why is Hisoka carrying him on his shoulders?" Kurapica looked in the back and saw the boy sitting on top of the older man's shoulders, with his legs on each side.

"You don't think....Hisoka probably bought him do you?"

"What the hell....how's it possible for a naive kid like him to be sold to a killer like that guy....it wouldn't make sense to me"

"I just have a feeling that he might have been"

"Hey.....why did you leave so soon, you could have bought another kid"

"I told you before didn't I, that I already found what I was looking for"

"What's your name, I'm Gon Freecs, and this is Hisoka-san"


"Are you trying to become a hunter too?"

"Not really, just came to see if it was fun"

"Is it fun so far?"

"No.....this game is boring"

"Gon....do you want to run?"

"Mm" Gon nodded and Hisoka lifted him off of his shoulders and dropped him onto the ground.

"That man up ahead I think, knows you" Killua pointed to the man with the blue suit.

"Ah....the man at Whale island...."

"Whale island?"

"That's where I was born, I was searching for the ship that went to Dole but he wouldn't tell me, then this man came and told me that the ship was the other way and...." Gon's face saddened.

"So he's that kind of hunter eh?" Killua spoke out and made the board go faster until he reached the Leorio and Kurapica.

"That boy says that you wouldn't tell him where the ship was" Killua pointed at Gon and Leorio looked behind him slowly.

"Leorio-san, you were caught"

"Shut up!"

"So you were trying to hide your face and hoped he wouldn't recognize you....you're dumb"

"What did you say?"

"Leorio-san, none of this would have happened if you just told the boy which ship to take"

"First of all, he barely knew me so how could he be sure I wasn't going to sell him, second, why am I the blame for this?"

"The second question had no meaning to this conversation..."

"Just be quiet and keep running Kurapica!"

Killua just laughed to himself and took the board from under his feet and started to run along side with Gon and Hisoka. The ezaminer quickened his pace again and some of the exam takers couldn't run anymore so they would just drop to the ground.

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