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<center>My Awesome Friends</center>

<center><center>Jenny Daniels:</center> Known her for about 3-4 years. She's the most weirdest person you will ever meet. gonk But you will get use to her after about a year of knowing her. Eventually. Even though she hates pie and almost every food that has seafood. Yes that includes Sushi. and meat except for chicken. She's been one of my bestest friends since 6th grade. </center>
<center><center>Maggie Bruhn:</center> I've known for nearly 5 years now. We've been best friends since 5th grade. We hang out nearly everyday and are planning to take Nihongo together next year in High School WHOO HOOO. whee whee She's a totally awesome person after you known her for the past couple years. She gets really use to my hyperness and the crazyness of our group. She's actually someone you can really trust with all your secrets. </center>
<center><center>Sarah Ray also known as Apple^^: I have just met her this Year not to long after 8th grade had started. I had met her through two of my other goods friends Rachel and Jessica. She became one of my best friends and i hope we stay friends for a very long time. Its funny when Kai(another friend) tries to get her to talk. Me and her and Rachel always laugh at him. Watching try to get her to talk. </center></center>
<Center><center>Rachel Schammerhorn also known as Strawberry: I have known her for the past 2 years. We didn't meet each other until about 2 weeks after school started. We met in our 2nd period class which was Language arts. But after a month i got switched out and we didn't have any classes together. But that didn't effect our friendship. We are still good friends till this day. I hope me and her stay friends for a really long time. </center></center>
<Center><center>Jessica Fessia: I've known her since 6th grade. And we're are good friends. She's my little kitty. I haven't met Jessica until the middle of the year until she got into my P.E class. We're still best friends till this day. Even though we won't be going to the same High School next year. We still find a way to chat with each other.</center></center>
<Center><center>Ashley Martin: YAY. One of the awesomest people I met this year. Me and her are stinken tight. She is one of my bestest friends ever. It does suck that we're going to different Highschools though but we will still talk on Myspace.^^ I hope we stay best friends for a very very very long time.</center></center>
<center><center>Jessy Weaver:I had just met her this year through one of my good friends Jenny-pokes first person- Me and Jessy are really good friend even though we never see each other much. But i'm glad i've gotten to know her. Adding more to it.</center></center>
<center><center>Alicia: I also met her through Jenny at her party. She's one of the most perverted people you will ever meet. Me and her never see each other much either. But we try to keep in touch on my space. She's a really funny person. adding more later</center></center>
<center><center>Kendall d**k: Not the kendall i use to like. Get it through your small thick skulls and brains. I didn't meet her until track and field season started not to long ago. During practice we always goofed off when we were usually suppose to be practicing our events. </center></center>
<center>Kayla Ariano: i also met her during track and field season. Me and her did Shot put together, 200 meter run, 1600, and 400 meter. She was one of the weirdest little people but could out run me in relays. But i could out run her in sprinting. </center>
<center>Bethany Higginbotham: One of my coolest friends i know. I didn't figure out that i met her at camp auburn in 5th grade until our sophmore year. Funny huh? One of my first friends i met at Auburn high school. She can beat up most of the guys i know let me re phrase that. Most of the guys at our schoolXD<center>
<center>Paige Jones: One of my normal friends(thats what she says lol). All of us are weird. She takes my milk i steal her french friesXD. Even though she gets pissed off every time me and Jessica Bell do that during lunch. Lol. Me and her always argue about the most stupidest stuff.<center>

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i love him5
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comment Commented on: Sun Jul 20, 2008 @ 09:58pm
i love you Elle as a friend. We are bestist until we die yayy. wink >_<

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