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Amaya_marie_LeTant's Journal
My names *Miss. Piggy I want to write about my thoughts my life, my issues. I want to show what im like...what i think of....a way to release my emotions *name has been changed as a result of personal prefrence
"Bad news...my balls itch"
LMAO someone actually said that today in a fishing room...that guys my hero. erf lyfes about to suck again, alright tomarow kermie and I are going to hang out again lyke normal after i get home from work however and unlike normal hes going to go back to college the day after... crying *sigh* I don want him to gooooo crying ...but i know its for his own good so im kinda happy for him, most of his friends didnt make it back cuz there grades sucked a**...erf i gues that kinda makes a g/f proud and it kinda makes me feel like my constant nagging actually has a purpouse 3nodding or porpus * turns into an anime porpus* whatever the case may be xp . ...so saturdays gonna be crazy though cuz in the morning like 9ish im going with dad to my college which is like a 5 min drive...then in the afternoon im going to kermies college which is like an hours drive....aka saturday my life will be spent in the car whee erg then i have my first real day off of the whole summer break and then i get to go for my first day of college crying alright TTFN!

pirate ~Amaya~ pirate

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pupsukle loc.
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Aug 27, 2005 @ 12:34am
u a boy
and i we went out eek

commentCommented on: Thu Sep 01, 2005 @ 11:48pm
be happy...just remember the closer you and your boyfriend come closer to graduating...the closer you wil be to a career and mariage...and the pitter patter of little toesies heart heart heart heart domokun domokun domokun

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