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Sinner's Journalism
Jump into the mind of one of the most difficult to understand people around today. I will be discussing my views on certain matters, you can deem as unimportant if you'd like. I don't really care.
Latest Styles of Today: Anorexia and Obesity
Which one of these popular fashion trends will you slip into?

Imagine it. You come home from school and relax in your favorite arm chair in the living room. Turn on the tv. You see a size zero fashion model strutting up in down the catwalk. Her eyes are sunken in; she tries to keep a fierce gaze on her face; her make-up covers how sickly she looks after she has stopped eating several days before the run way show. Flip the Channel. A group of morbidly obese people sit around listening to a speaker tell them, 'It's ok, to be big and beatiful...'. Completely ignoring the fact that any of them could suffer at any time with a heart-attack.

'Eliana Ramos, 18, collapsed six months after her sister Luisel had a heart attack during a fashion show and triggered an international debate over the use of size zero models on the catwalks.'
- From an article by: Alexander Timoshik

Sadly, this is not something that only happens everynow and then. Being in the fashion industry period can be intense, but being a model is tough. In order to catch someone's eye as a model in the fashion industry you have to be tall, small bone structure, and thin. Once in, keeping your place is tough. All through your career, you often are asked to loose weight.

Though, there has been some attempts to stop anorexia in models by creating a minimum body mass index. Unfortunetly, there have been some fashion companies unwilling to follow through with the plan for healthier models. Apparently being life-threatening thin just looks too good to give up.

Kate Dillon used to be an anorexic model. Luckily, she came to here sences and quit.

'I looked beautiful. I mean it's not like...you would not look at that picture and see someone who is feeling bad about themselves, or see somebody who hadn't eaten in two weeks. I mean, I look at my face, my face looks so hollow. I look so...my eyes look like they're bulging out. And I just look so weak.

That was the day that they told me to lose like ten or twenty pounds, and I kind of knew that that was crazy. Like I remember thinking, "From where? Like twenty pounds? How am I going to lose twenty pounds?" And I remember thinking, "I don't have to do this. Like what have I been doing the last couple years? What have I been doing my whole life?"'
-Kate Dillon
Dying To Be Thin

But that wasn't the end of her career. Kate Dillon is now a plus-size model. Don't take the fact that she's 'plus-size' the wrong way. She weighs a healthy rate for her age, and participates in athletic activities such as martial arts regularly.

But is being anorexic any better than what's on the opposite side of the spectrum? Obesity.
There are people today who can't even walk because they weigh so much, it's too hard on their legs. You even see children at intolerable young ages waying up to two-hundred pounds, if not more. Yet you have tv shows, telling these people that, 'You're big and beautiful.'
There is no more beauty in a person so obese that they are about to collaps, than models starving themselves!
I understand that people sometimes have genetic problems, and they can't help but to be obese.
But as much as people don't want to admit it, it's a growing problem. In the U.S. particularly.

Now, change that channel again. You see a washed up celebrity. She weighs one hundred and twenty five pounds. She's being criticized for being fat and ugly, for gaining ten pounds.

Isn't it funny how the media is always against what is healthy?

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