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Yokoamas mind MY MIND...and everything in it...Damn thats kinda scary.

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Death Note Experience
Well...I watched the Death Note movie Wednesday. Had quite an experience.
Well...I brought 3 friends, right? So, we sat at the very top in the theater, and was being very loud and obnoxious, we met like 4 people that thought that we were awesome cuz we were being loud and obnoxious I guess. There was this one dude sitting up there already, that was pretty creepy and cool at the same time, weird mix I know. We also met these otaku girls that came up next to us when coming in the movie theater, about to sit somewhere else, then saying, "Let's sit up there, those guys are cool.", and came and sat where we were, and we chatted for the like 10-20 minutes or so before the movie started. Also, a few people in the theater decided to play, "The p***s Game", before the movie started.
Apart from that, one of my stupid-a** friends almost got us kicked out of the theater, cuz he was fighting with a lil kid, of course, it was kinda the lil kid's fault I suppose. He came in and said something like "Look at those nerds", talking about us, and my friend was like "Wanna fight about it?!", and he just kinda walked away. Later on though, this stupid little bummer of a kid was trying to quiet fangirls, is he ******** retarded, seriously? You can't quiet a fangirl but he was all like "Shut the ******** up!" when they would scream and/or whistle. He's a seriously retarded kid. During the movie, fangirls were rather entertaining, when L made his apperance all the girls were going, "Awwww!". Creepy dude next to me said, "I'd do him", and, "He's so dreamy!" in a girly voice, he was hilarious. Other great thing, one time when L ate chocolate, somebody did that Spongebob thing where in the one episode, that dude is all like "Chocolate?! CHOCOLATE?! CHOCOLATE!!!!!".
The movie itself, on the other hand, was kind of good. While there was no blood and/or gore at all(I use this very strongly, a woman shot herself in the head, and she just fell down)it was well put together, and followed the original storyline nicely. Ryuk looked as real as you could make a CG Shinigami look and L looked just like his anime self. I say it was put together rather nicely and rarely strayed from original story. Misa was the only character I had a problem with, seriously, Misa in the show had blonde hair, Misa in the movie had BROWN hair. What the hell?! They could've atleast dyed her hair. I just wish Light would've wrote absurdly like he does in the show, and he would've did that whole "...and I eat a potato chip!" line.
All in all, movie pretty good, I liked it anyway, and I will go see the second one, of course. Although, if the movie sucked, I still would've had an awesome time, with the amount of entertainment there was during and before the movie ^-^.

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Duke Von Shnozz
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comment Commented on: Thu Jul 10, 2008 @ 03:01am
I was ready to pack up and leave cause I thought for sure we were gettin kicked out.

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