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Random talking to myself
Yo ho me mateys! What's up?
Sorry, that was just me. My finger hurts... I acidentaly cut it and it hurts.... Really bad.... Sooooo Anyways... Umm... HI!!!!!!
no clue... haha... I'm just really really bored!!!!!
No! NEVER!!! Muahahahahahahaha
Oh that was to my brother, he asked if he could have a turn on the computer, and I said no, because I'm randomly ranting about random things too. Wait too... And... OOO! OOO! I want ice cream and I don't know why I want to go live randomly in a forest, because forests are kool, and I like trees because trees are green and brown, and they like to be green, and bushy, because bushes are green and bushy, and they like to be green and bushy, and they won't eat you when you magicaly get turned into cheese, and everyone else wants to eat you because they are really mean, but not green because only kool people are purple, and blue , and in the bedroom i like to take naps because beds are more comfortable than the ground, besides, soccer is boring and no one likes to get muddy when they police are coming to give you flowers because you really have abolutly no idea what the heck you are talking about as you eat cup cakes and they are yummy because they are your bestest friends but they dont want to marry you, because that would just be really weird, like that one time, when my friend married my cat because she is really weird and it scares me when once upon a time the evil drangon went boo and the little girl started to cry because she got scared because it was scary when she got scared because she thought she was gonna blow up which doesn't make any sense because why the crap would she blow up just because the chipmuck thought she was hot and cold at the same time like that one time when my mom made macaroni and cheese because i said no freakin way and then went to sleep like i am going to do now, because it is my brothers turn, and i think that their is a slight posssibility that i may have been ranting long enough, but i like to keep talking because ya talking is realy cold when you fly kites.. wait what???
Oh well, bye bye!

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