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RANT - Begging in the Marketplace!!!!!!!!
I recently started receiving PMs from people in the marketplace who are complaining my prices are set too high. Now, as a general rule I set all of my prices below the general average price because a) I want people to purchase goods from me and b) because I know what its like to have very little gold and big dreams.

Yesterday however I got the most audacious one yet. One that begged me to present him with my Soldat Officers Cap, an item priced in the stores at about 19k, for free, or to settle for one hundred and some odd number of gold, which was the original bid. All on the basis that he was a good person, and DESERVED it.

When I calmly tried to explain that that was simply something I could not do, he got snippy and said something I don't care to repeat.

What have we fallen to? This? What kind of good person, nay good Gaian goes about sending PMs and asking for handouts? I must say, this disturbs and depresses me greatly...

Whatever you do- do it with purpose, do it with love, and most of all, do it with a smile. Five bonus points if you do it in costume. Ten more if you're a Green Rider. You just plain win if your name is Fastion and you're a Weapon of the King.

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    Wow, really? Ok, honestly, what is the deal with people expecting us to sell them items insanely underpriced, or worse, giving them the item for free. Let me guess, it's because they're poor and they need it. Question...who's to say the person selling doesn't desperately need the gold? Maybe you think they don't because it's an expensive item. Just a head's up, just because someone has an expensive item does not mean they payed what it's worth, and besides that. I, for one, and others I know only have money when they sell their outfit and get a new one so guess what? We have to sell what items are worth in order to replace our outfits. Otherwise, we're back to Starter clothes while you're enjoying your 19k item that you got for free.

    comment wolfqueen137 · Community Member · Sat Apr 26, 2008 @ 02:25am
    that is so true!!i get begged for items all the time. >.>
    o btw im just profile hopping becouse no one is on xD

    comment vamporeon · Community Member · Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 03:27pm
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