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Funeral food- You know how when you go to funerals, they all basiclly have the same food? Potatoe salad, egg salad, fruit salad, this salad, that salad, and the only thing that ever really tastes good is the rolls. And they always make a bunch of it even tho they know that noone is ever going to eat it, so that some unlucky person has to get stuck with the leftovers. Well, being the Oh so fortunate already wife of the deceased, my grandmother got stuck with the leftovers. We had already gotten a bunch of sympathy food from the neighbors before that, so now we have FOUR WHOLE FRIDGES FULL of food nobody's gonna eat, but we can't just throw it away, oh no! because "think of the poor starving children in africa!" You know I think parents just say that so thier kids will eat all the yucky food and they don't have to...

The conversations goes like this with gross food:
Kid- "I'm full"
Parent- *thoughts* eww that food looks gross...
"You get back up on that chair young lady! there are starving children in africa who would love to have that food!"
Kid- *thoughts* So feed it to them...

When the conversation is about yummy food it goes something like this:
Kid- "I'm full"
Parent- *thoughts* they said you couldn't have an eighteenth serving, but they never said you couldn't eat your kids food...
Kid- *thoughs* Loser...

Yes, that is how funeral food works... I think...

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Belladonna Canker
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Apr 12, 2008 @ 03:37am
i do know what you mean. i've had to go through 3 funerals myself, all of them being people that were very close to me, one for my grandfather and the other 2 for my great grandmothers. And ya the food stinks, but i've never had my parents tell me to think of the starving Childern of Africa.

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