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1. How much gold do you have? 8,243
2. How much do you want? 100k
3. Are you questing? stuff
4. If so, what for? (If not just post "kiss" ) i duno
5. How long have you been on Gaia? bout 2 years
6. Why was 6 scared of 7? becuz 7 8 9
7. Who is your fave Gaian? i like ian he's kool
8. Will you ever leave Gaia? mebeh
9. Do you think you have a jazzy avi? not sure
10. Coco or Kiki?coiki

~ Section 2: You are the music in me!~ ..huh? i know the song not y u put it
11. Do you like high school musical? [just say no] not really
12. What is your fave Beatles song? Eleanor Rigby
13. Whats you fave band? have a lot of 'em
14. Panic at the Disco’s new song is ____ (song title) duno
15. Do you like Yellow Card? yes
16. Can you sing? yeh
17. Can you play an instrument?yeah the flute
18. Do you know any indi. bands? no
19. “I chimed in haven’t you people ever heard of closing the god damn door?” (What song is it and who is it by?)i write sins not tragedies by panic at the disco
20. What band can you NOT stand? its a singer and fergie and britney spears kinda

~Section 3: This or that! ~ uhhhhh 64!
21. Coke or Pepsi? Both!
22. Metal or Scream-o? MEMO!!!
23. Roses or Violets? roses all the way!
24. Hip-hop or Pop? pop
25. Crayons or Colored pencils? colored pencils
26. Foot ball or skate boarding? skate boarding
27. Love or Hate? both
28. Life or death? both
29. Prep or Goth? goth preps are kinda odd......NO OFFENSE TO THE PREPS OUT DERE
30. 70’s fro or 90’s Mohawk?[/] mohawk lol

~Section 3: 123 turn your head at me. You look so fine I really want to make you mine~ hehehe
31. What hair color “turns you on”? *redface* nothing "turns me on" but i like all hair colors
32. What eye color “turns you on”? ;D? like up dere nothinhg turns me on but i like any color
33. Brains or body? both
34. Shy or out going?wateva
35. Are you a girl or guy? girl
36. Which celebrity do you think is the hottest? >>
37. Do you think piercing are hot? yeh : P
38. A nice guy or bad boy (good girl or naughty vixen?) U ARE REALLY SCARING MEH NOW
39. You wanna go out some time? No
40. Type kiss 5 times in separate posts. bite me
~Section 4:with every breath I wish you body would be broken again~
41. Who do you hate the most? Sukh
42. What song do you hate the most? rock your body by justin timberlake
43. What do you not like doing? hmmm i guess being forsted to go to bed
44. What book do you hate? not sure
45. What band/ singer do you hate the most? justin timberlake
46. What website do you hate? porno sites weird porno people
47. Whats you least fave food? uh i duno
48. What is your lest fave lyric? rock your body by justin timberlake ><
49. What drink do you least like? is lava a drink
50. Why don’t you lurve your kitty? i do love meh kitteh ^^
~Section 5:I said I’d read you like a book~
51. Who is your fave author? ...ROBERT MUNSCH
52. Whats your fave book? Everest Books 1 2 and 3
53. What book are you reading right now? this
54. Are you a book worm? nope
55. Do you like manga? kinda
56. Whats your fave manga? i duno
57. Would you tell other people to read it? no
58. are you a grammar freak? nope
59. Do you use spell check often? nope
60. Why can’t we just kiss and make up? i just become friends with my friends dast i dont why YOU would kiss your friends...xD
~Section 6: Stop! Random time!~
61. O bby eye tink u lyk meh. Ya right
62. lyk omg 2maro iz vaintinez dey!! i hate valentines day
63. Why does the GD hate The CB? D: ...?
64. What stereotype are you? [Shove the ‘I don’t care about stereotypes’ altitude cause really you do] i duno
65. Do you wish N00b girls didn’t act like ho’s? [That would make the both of us if you say yes.] yep
66. Your bff is gay. What now? [I don't mean it in a bad way D:& ] it dont mater there choice on who they like none of meh concern
67. Jolly ranchers!!! You want one? YEAH *gives you the puppeh eyes*
68. What time is it? 10:51 p.m.
69. Post kiss 5 times. I SAID NO!!!!
70. End of quiz: How much gold do you have? And how many people did you kiss? ive never kissed noone and 8,243

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