C.J.A. IS A FATASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(veronica you know who I'm talking bout xD)

THE 14TH AMENDMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl

shes a fat, stupid, bugly, mishapen, uncoordinated fatass, fat lardo, flabby, zitty, smelly, rude, unfit person, dorky, nerdy, white, weird, annoying, unpopular, reputation-ruining, dorkifying, retarded, sweaty, impolite, weak, wimpy, dumb, zitty, pig, shaped-like-a-shaved-goblin, pidgeon-toed, obese, nerdy, bleached, is-able-to-be-seen-from-space, owns a pair of thunder thighs and bedonkadonk butt, and her flabs are the size of the andes

xD xD xD xD xD rofl