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Jelly Burger!!

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Little Red Buttocks
once apona a time, ther was a little girl nameed little redbuttocks cherry. she had the brightest, redest buttocks in the kingdom and so the king was jealous. so the king sent for a man to kill her and get her red buttocks. the man soon found little redbuttocks cherry. but little red buttocks cherry saw the man and asked him what he was doing. "i have to do this." the man said, "if i dont, the king will kill me and the rest of my family". so she said,"quick, come inside my shiny red buttocks. youll be safe here." so she flicked her skirt open and ther, the man saw the most beautiful, shiniest, reddest buttocks he had ever seen in his entire life. he jumped inside and ther he was safe. she ran away to the forest because she was scared that the king would take her buttocks. there, she found seven little perverts. the little perverts were so perverted that they began chasing her with saliva coming out of their mouths. she ran as fast as she could but the little perverts were very fast runners. then she saw a mincer and she jumpd over it with her long legs. one by one they all got chopped up into little perverted meat. soon, it was night. little redbuttocks cherry was hungry. so she decided to eat the little perverted meat. she survived the cold cold night. the next day she got up. but she was surrounded by the king and his men. she was not safe. the king asked her in a aloud voice,"how did u get thos oh'so shiny red buttocks?". "its simple, i just rubbed on a krabby patty on my buttocks everyday." she answered. so the king killed her and went on to bikini bottom. the king and his men had a great victory over krusty krabbs. they searched all over the place and soon they found spongebob. the king asked, "tell me the secret formula of the krabby patty or else i will put you in the dungeon and torture you ubntil u do" so they took him ther but he still didn't answer because, well, you see spongebob is a sponge, therfor he cannot feel anything. then the king told him that he would make spongebob into the meal of the day. he still dint answr. finally, the king told him, "if you do not tell me now, i will throw u into the dungeon containing...Michael Jackson!" so he threw him in. *CENSORED* -ahem- spongebob couldn't take it anymore and he told him the ingredients to the krabby patty. so in the end, the king got his bloody, red, shiny buttocks and they all lived happily ever after...THE END...

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