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The Life Of The Unknown Species
Duh. My life. What do you think?!
First Day Of School
Everything sucked! Here is everything that went wrong today:

My spanish teacher spoke nothing but spanish and gave us homework in spanish and I have no clue wtf it says!
I dropped my tray AT the cashier and had to get another and it took me forever to get out of that line!
My feet were killing me
I couldn't see my friends from the main campus. We have to be separated so I couldn't hang out with my friend Nicole.
I got my first F in CSI. The assignment was to take a dummy that weighed more than me (I weigh 86 pounds) from the classroom to the shed in the back in 15 seconds. The dummy represented someone being shot in the head and me and my partner had to carry him to the "hospital". He was so heavy, we couldn't even get him out of the building. Time was up.
I couldnt figure out what bus to ride because i didnt ride it this morning and had to wait in a line to figure out what bus I rode
It took me 30 minutes to find my bus and it was 100 degrees!
And the guy that I crushed on since 8th grade is flirting with EVERY girl he can get his hands on.
As you can see, SCHOOL SUCKED!!!
Oh, we also had to wear uniforms....with TUCKED shirts!!!!

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Lelouch Of Za Muhon
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Sep 07, 2007 @ 09:08pm
-giggles-On my first day I got lost so bad,We have to wear green shirts & black pants =P with tucked in shirts & a belt

commentCommented on: Sat Sep 13, 2008 @ 02:01am
I feel your anguish and it sutains me FWAHAHAHA scream ....... sweatdrop domokun

Community Member
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