so.....i was just thinking if the worled ended 2maro what would i do? and so i made a list and here it is:
if i knew that the worled ended 2maro i would:
go to my boy friends/guy i likes house and tell him how i felt and kiss him really quick and then run back to my car and drive away realy fast.........

spend all my money so that i would go down looking ho i wanted to, u know like red/purple hair,black army jackit, faint pink dress, and over the knee boots, and really fun makeup

i would call all my friends and tell them that they rock and that i loved them like my family

and i would listen to all my fav. mysic like mychem,fall out boy andscrem all the lyrics and ball my eyes out

any finaly throw a hudge party with all my friends and all thr friends and m bf/guy i like and scream till my lungs gave out and then mabie just cry with evereone ause we would all die in the morning

what would u do? pm me with an answer heart heart heart heart heart

R.I.P dylan we still love u...