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Confessions of A Confused Bystander
Eh, me. Can't get more descriptive with that, now can we?

Thats what my whoooooooooooooooooooooooole lower half feels like. Yes, thats right from the hips, buttocks (XD) down to my calves and meta-tarsels. Yes, I now those are not muscles, but its still in the foot so leave me alone.

I just got done with tennis and boy was today fun. *rotates finger rolleyes * We worked more on our forehand and began the back hand, and I feel like a sticky finger ballerina. Sticky, on account of that the grips on my "kiddie" racket are slidin' everywhere and ballerina-you can figure that out.

We did some running, but that was easier than the day before, but not really because where my hip meets my pelvis, that joint right there? It feels like some one's sawing away at it. xp Guess I gotta strech out better huh?

Well, tennis is a good thing though for me. I woke up in a reaally good mood at 6, and left early so I could have half an hour to myself on the courts. I just need to work on swining with my shoulder on the forehand instead of "whaking at bee's" and stop diving, and on backhand, I . . . dunno, but that needs improvement there too!
We're starting to practice at a bigger set of courts in a few days, so Ebony says, BRING IT ON!"
^-^ I like the running.
>.> Its just that "corners" drill. <.< I get a little lost on where we're goin'. sweatdrop It get ugly, especially when your' tuggin on your pants and trying to reach for a ball at the same time and not collide your face into the court and muster not to say "S**T" everytime you come close. TT I blame my sailor's daughter of a moma xp

Uuuuuum, thats about it! Yep! This whole entry was about tennis and my aches, but hey, if you read it this far then that means you were semi intrested. wink Were'nt chya?
twisted Weren't Chya? twisted

Well, tommorow I don't go on account of that I'll be partly driving a 4 hour trip tommorow, but I gotsa friend goin, so I look forward to that. I now leave you with the words:
Things In Mirror are Larger then they Appear


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Alexandre Dumas

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pixelated - parfait
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Aug 22, 2007 @ 02:08am
*crawling across the screen* actually i like corners! just not the timing part! mrgreen

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