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the really sad poem that was, untill now, posted in my 'about me' section

Awoke in the night, still in my bed,
I looked up and saw a straggly head.
He grabbed my wrist and held me near,
As I felt a gun barrel, above my ear.
The ropes were so tight, they were leaving a mark,
As we crawled off the roof, and into the dark.
He told me to hush, and don't make a sound,
As he lit a spark, right next to the ground.
He pushed me forward, and into the night,
As I witnessed my house burn in fiery light.
I heard my mother's desperate cries,
As the toxic smoke, arose to the sky.
I was drug away, into the wild,
As a poor, lost, little innocent child.
Drug away to no mans land,
With a painful rope, tied to my hands.
I lightly pulled at the chain on my foot,
As I was held ransom, with a well wanted crook.
If I remember, time had passed to month three,
By now they had stopped all searches for me.
I pulled at the chain, and made a cringe,
As the rusted me-tal, tore at my raw skin.
He heard the chain, he grabbed my arm,
I screamed at the sudden, quick alarm.
He unleashed my foot, and let me in,
To a small little cave, with rusted tin.
I sat on a moldy, stolen chair,
As he ruffled his fingers, in my long blonde hair.
He grabbed my chin, and looked me in the eye,
I tried my hardest not to cry.
He told me to imagine what would happen to me,
If somehow, I was to unleash myself free.
"I'll hunt you down, and commit an old crime,
Instead of taking you, I'd kill you that time."
He heard a twig crack, and a searching dog bark,
He grabbed his rifle, and looked into the dark.
He told me to hide, and not to speak,
As I tried to hide, the tear on my cheek.
I was hid in a corner, by a hole in the wall,
I widened the hole, and started to crawl.
I looked at him; he wasn't looking at me,
I got out of the cave, and began to run free.
The searcher man saw me, and began to yell,
A gunshot was fired, and all the men fell.
"That was a threat, don't make me aim!
Let her go!" Said the kidnapper, "Or I'll shoot again!
Listen to me! Or I'll shoot yer whole lot!"
Silence. He fired the gun, and I was shot.
The kidnapper ran, with his gun in a sack,
I was lain on the ground, drenched with blood on my back.
They were panicked, and shocked, as I bled on the ground,
My last beats of heart were the only sound.
The leader took me, cradled in his arms,
His face then took me in sudden alarm,
It was my dad! He survived the flame!
I wanted to go back home again.
"I love you Kenji, you know I do."
I spoke out the words, "I love you too."
The pain in my back, was as great as my heart,
For such a long time, we had been apart.
"No Kenji! No! You'll be ok!"
But I knew in my heart, it wasn't that way.
He hugged me close, and kissed my head,
In a few moments, I knew I'd be dead.
"I love you dad, and I waited too,
But now in Heaven I'll wait for you.
His tears dripped on my closing eyes,
It was that moment, his child died.

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