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yes well im bi and i love da ladies mohahaha..^^ i really love the nightmare before christmas doh..i wonder if someone here kinda dresses like jack? well if so can someone tell me who?
well i just came back from the funeral and well i wasnt sad since i accepted my

grandmas fate but i was sad cause of my family..well i saw dat my uncle was sad

so i went to where he was to try to cheer him up...and well...*sigh* i asked him

about his daughter and he was like yea she is growing up and then just left me out

to dry and walked to a different area...and then..when i tried to say goodbye to my

other uncle he only gave me a handshake..wat type of goodbye is dat? and dat is

not all i had seen him at the mall before anyone in my family was sick or was

dieing and he tried to avoid me as much as possible.. crying im not wanted..i always

felt like that as a kid..that they never loved me..but now it truely shows like ALOT!!

it just shows how much im loved..i still cant help but cry anyways...i want a family

that loves me and that would like show affection..but here its not like that at all...its

like oh no she is there quick dont make eye contact and hopefully she will leave us

alone.. crying then in all the movies with like a family and they all love each othere

and stuff...it makes me cry..the only family i got is my friends :3 and for that i am

grateful i love them and without them i would of died along time ago...so thank u

my friends and even though i haved losted contact with alot of them they are never

out of my heart..i always think about them and hope they are alright :3 *hugs

them all* i love all of u guys and thank u for being there for me

Want some ART? I do Art for Gold!! heart heart

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kitty cherry mew
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jul 29, 2007 @ 01:25pm


dor reh me dor reh me dor reh me

lmnop lmnop lmnop lmnop lmnop lmnop lmnop lmnop


*shakes booty*

yay for boredness and no one comeenting on journals

commentCommented on: Tue Jul 31, 2007 @ 01:22am
me and you don't really go in these "mexican that don't show feelings or they won't seem macho" families, that's why I don't go to most familiy get-togethers, cause' out of all of us I'm the only "rocker" as they say, and when we do go I stick by my brother- he's the only cool one and I bet you and your sis have that connection, I avoid my cousins 'cause it seems that my mom is just pushin' me to hang with they but they're like"what a loser", you know?I wish I was there to give you my love as a kid 3nodding
but you know, hakuna matata, HAHA- put the past behind right?
cause' everywhere you go you know you're always loved

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Aug 09, 2007 @ 06:39pm
Just know Joyce, that when you get maried to Eric, *cough* You will. That you'll always have a family there that loves you. Exept for Ricky. He'll just love your boobs... what a f** right? I love you!

commentCommented on: Sun Aug 12, 2007 @ 05:47am
crying this made me cry... crying
im so sry.. i feel the same way most of the time, theres only like 3 ppl in my family that like me.. & like u said, if it werent 4 my friends, i prolly wouldnt b here either....

puppy strawberry mew
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