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Kit's Random Ravings... welcome to my world...

-8- Kitsuname -8-
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If any of you can think of anything else to add please tell meh n_n

NAME: Kitsuname Ohmsford (Looking for a better surname sweatdrop ).

Nicknames: Kit, KitKit, Kitsu.

BIOGRAPHY: She doesn't speak much about her past, not that it was a bad past, more just that it was uneventful and rather boring. She grew up with her two sisters in their family home and upon reaching an age when she could look out for herself she ventured out to see the world (with the aid of her parents' money). The venturing stopped, however, when she one day stumbled into the Hinata girls dorms and instantly fell in love with the building and it's inhabitants.

AGE: Late teens/Early 20's

HEIGHT: 5'3"

WEIGHT: Light but not rediculously so.

BODY TYPE: Slight and well curved.

FACE TYPE: Soft features with almond shaped eyes.

COMPLEXION: Pale, it's obvious that she doesn't go outdoors during the day very often.

EYES: She has soft, extremely expressive, emerald green eyes.

HAIR: Her hair is pitch black, falling about halfway between her shoulders and her waist in soft waves.

CLOTHING STYLE: Prefers long sleeved dresses, the skirts of which sweep across the ground softly as she walks. Usually black with either red, purple or magenta with silver clasps, buttons and ribbons.

SPEAKING STYLE: Soft spoken and usually to the point.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: Soft and polite, always looking out for those around her and willing to lend a hand where it's needed, whether that means playing nurse or just lending a non-judgemental ear.

PREJUDICES: Unfamiliar people who start conversations and then walk off in the middle of them. People who are rude and short to her and those around her without any provocation. She also hates loud/messy eaters -.-

BEST QUALITIES: Sympathetic, Caring, Bubbly and Conversatious

WORST QUALITIES: Too caring, Quiet, Stubborn.

WEAKNESSES: She cares too much about those around her. Soft hearted, once you're on her good side you can get pretty much anything out of her and it's hard to get on her bad side.

HOBBIES: Reading, Dancing, Random adventuring.

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