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Pretty much i love to draw, love to see anime, i love wrestling, i love music but I LOVE J-ROCK BANDS!!!!!!!!
Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within!!!!(Movie)
OMG this Monday June 4th,2007!!!!! Well today i saw a Final Fantasy movie it was really cool.It was in the channel Sci-fi and it started at 10:00pm and it ended at 12:00am, yeah i know it ended really late well it was worth it because this movie totally ruled next to Final Fantasy:Advent Children.But in the end it was really sad because this scientist lover sacrifice himself to save the earth and humans too.Well this movie is about this scientist trying to find the 8 spirits of the earth because she needed them to find kinda like a cure to restore the earths plants,trees, and life!!! That same scientist was one of the spirits too!!!!!!! Their were this monster called phantoms but really they were angry and confused ghost of monsters who came from another planet they came to earth because there planet got destroyed and they got to the earth by a comet.But they didn't survive in the comet they actually died in the comet and thats how they became ghost!!!!!!! For some strange reason they started to suck the spirits of humans and living things and thats how they killed humans and living things. Well i can't tell u the whole movie but this movie was so great!!!!! If anyone read this hi hope u get the chance to see the movie because this movie was the BOMB!!!!!!!!!
THANKZ for reading until next time when i write another journal entry!!!!
BYEZ!!!!!!! biggrin

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