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When I get bored, it's writing time.
It's not big deal, just things I want to say.
Hi! Thanks for taking a moment of your life to read this. I wonder what moved your curiosity; you may let me know if you want wink

Well, I'm having a lot of interesting experiences here at Gaia. I'm not used to all this attention; and I know it's not like if I was being treated like a celebrity or anything like it, but still I feel kinda of weird when I see all the people who had visited my profile, and when I think about the guys (yeah, guys, that's so weird) who had try to reach me. I mean, for me is perfectly normal if a girl try to get closer to me, but guys? Oh my goddess! I'm not too sure if I had done the right thing giving them a chance; I seriously hope this won't blow in my face.

And now more than ever in my life I realize that guys are very curious about the ones like me, the female gays. Almost every time I had entered to a room which name couldn't be more specific, like "Lez heaven. NO GUYS ALLOWED", at least one guy gets into the room, like pretending not being there. They just enters the room and keep quiet, not saying a word, like if that way they be actually hopping not be noticed. That is so weird, so very much weird, the weirdest of the weirdest. Why they do that?

Sometimes it gets even weirdest, like when the guy starts to fight for his "right to be on a girls only room". That is so estrange; it's like Timmy Turner's dad making all that mess he made when he wanted to be part of a pageant, it's so weird it should be funny, and I kinda of see it as funny, since I laugh when that happens, but is not funny, it's awkward and annoying. Seriously, why the hell they do that?

I'm remembering two guys in particular: one of them, when some very strong girls started to try to kick him out of the room, very politely at first, he started to cry, telling how much he hated the world, how much the world hated him, how much he hated us... What the F is wrong with that guy? If you put yourself in a position where you OBVIOUSLY are gonna be rejected, it is YOUR fault if the experience is not pleasant. I mean, act like a jerk and you will be treated as one; and nobody likes jerks, so... I break my case.

The other guy was even more weird. When the girls started to ask him to leave the room, suddenly he said, and I cite him textually: "Scientifically I am a girl" eek I don't think there is an emoticon good enough to express my feeling resulting of such a... Not so Kodak moment. I'm aware of the fact that I'm not a normal person, not because I'm gay, but because I have to climb on and off a chair in my room 36 times every night before go to bed pretending I do it as an exercise, and I make jokes about how being a maniacal obsessive compulsive woman had made wonders for my booty; but even for me such an excuse is way too weird to take it. Why in the name of everything sane a guy haves to say something like it just to get away with being in a girls only room? WHY?

Well, now I'm feeling better after sharing this all with you. I may sense some of you, after what I say about my booty, could be more like wishing for me to share more pictures and less words, but I won't. Hahaha!

Thanks for reading. Hope you got a nice time.

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  • [08/15/07 02:47pm]

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