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Mythical/Supernatural RPC #3
Name: Ouka Cross
Age: 10
Race: Vampire
Sex: Female
Personality: Introverted and shy. Extremely attached to her parents. Will open up to people after repeated exposure. Likes girly things and is a bit of tsundere.
Desc: Short blonde hair in a bob boycut and blood red eyes. Wears a bear hair clip and part of her hair stands up constantly despite her efforts to comb it down. One fang is an adult tooth and larger than the other, thus it sticks out of her mouth. She likes wearing girly clothes, but her favorite outfit is a pair of black shorts with a pale pink frill blouse, a red button up sweater and black and white striped stockings and shiny black buckle shoes.
Bio: After Elliot met friends he could trust (who happened to be vampires), he learned not all vampires are blood sucking monsters. He eventually fell in love with his friend Cora, a natural born vampire, much older than he, but looked to be in her late twenties. After Cora had gotten past Elliot's awkward personality, she accepted his hand made engagement ring and sudden proposal. Luckily, since Elliot was Jewish, they were able to get married by a Rabbi friend of Elliot's. They eventually had a daughter, whose blonde hair confused them, as neither of them were blonde. Elliot, a fan of Japanese culture, named her Ouka, using the Kanji for king (Ou) and fire (Ka). Sadly, Elliot is an idiot sometimes, as her name is actually read as Sakura when written with those Kanji.
Ouka grew up with her mother and father in an elaborate network of tree houses Elliot had built over the years. Fully functioning heat, plumbing and air conditioning made life peaceful for the young vampire, who ate the human food her father cooked and drank the same slaughter house cow blood her father drank. She didn't learn about her father's job as a Vigilante Slayer until recently. She curiously confronted him about it, and learned her father's back story and reasoning. She now aspires to be a Slayer like her father when she grows up, killing anything that goes bump in the night that doesn't try to live peacefully with humans.

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